The Toy That Promises A Good Night’s Sleep for Parents

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The Toy That Promises A Good Night’s Sleep for Parents

Santi the Sloth is a brand new product to the baby and toddler market. The cuddly sloth just looks like a toy that attaches to your baby’s cot – but it is far more than that!

Programmed with algorithms and sensors that detect when your child needs more or less attention, Santi the Sloth will be your child’s safe companion that will withstand being tossed across the nursery, being drooled on, chewed or kicked.

Santi the Sloth is the only sleep companion your child will need!

Santi the Sloth is the:

  • Perfect gift for a Baby Shower
  • Perfect gift for a grandchild
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What Does Santi the Sloth Actually Do?

Santi the Sloth uses every trick in the book when it comes to getting your baby off to sleep. What works for one baby on any particular day doesn’t mean it works for another, so Santi the Sloth is the full ‘Arsenal’ when it comes to bedtime routines.

Santi the Sloth projects soothing sounds at bedtime that will nurse your baby to sleep. The Sloth is also a projector that mimics the soft lighting your baby would have experienced in the womb. When your baby cries, Santi can detect your baby’s distress and will help to soothe them back to sleep with the familiar sounds your baby will associate with bedtime.

Some of the features of Santi the Sloth include:

  • Wireless Music Player that can stream from Spotify or built in sounds such as rainfall or white noise. You can even program your own voice!
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Projector
  • Night Light with a timer with variable colours and intensities
  • Wooden Beechwood Teether
  • Smart senors that can sense when baby cries and can monitor the temperature
  • Tactile Toy
  • Cuddly Companion
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A Programmable Sleep Aid with an App

You use your Smartphone to download the Santi App. The App allows you to adjust the music, sounds, night light, set timers and also has additional safety features such as real-time alerts when your baby cries.

Santi the Sloth is charged via a USB (so no changing batteries all the time) because finding a charged battery in the middle of the night is a nightmare!

And Santi the Sloth Comes in Three beautiful Colours and can be ordered online!

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Reviews of Santi the Sloth

We Love Our Santi!

“Thank you so much for inventing such a clever little friend for bubs. So many awesome features, can’t even begin to explain how cool Santi is!”.

Santi Sloth

“This is amazing. I love the night light part and our new baby loves the sounds.”

The Perfect Sleep Companion

“My granddaughter has a lot of trouble sleeping through the night and I purchased Santi in the hope that it might help her get some solid sleep. Well, the first night was a complete success and I absolutely love this little Sloth. The app is very simple to use and I love the choices for background soothing sounds to sleep to. Santi is so incredibly soft too! My granddaughter loves the soft light that it gives out. I really couldn’t be happier. Santi is awesome!”

The Perfect Gift for New Parents

Santi the Sloth is the perfect gift for new parents. Santi the Sloth will be your child’s best friend for years to come!

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