Is It Okay To Give Kids A Sip Of Your Alcohol? 5 Strong Nos!

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Is It Okay To Give Kids A Sip Of Your Alcohol? 5 Strong Nos!

You might have done it. Let them give kids a sip of your alcohol here and there to try.

Sometimes, you might give kids a sip of your alcohol on special occasions, so they “get used to” the taste of alcohol. Other times, it’s in the hope they will learn to be sensible about alcohol consumption.

Often people will cite the French as being a good example to base this practice on they are said to let their children drink wine with them from the age of around 12.

Lots of parents model their approach to introducing their kids to alcohol-based on this – thinking that it is a safe way to get them to drink at a family meal. However, there’s no scientific research to back this up when you give kids a sip of your alcohol.

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Is It Okay To Give Kids A Sip Of Your Alcohol? | Stay At Home Mum

Experts say, “No!”

Experts say that it is a big no-no when you give kids a sip of your alcohol. It could actually lead to substance abuse.

Researchers from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales have found that those sips can lead to lifelong alcohol abuse.

According to lead author of the study epidemiologist Dr Monika Wadolowski, the findings were unexpected.

She told the New York Times that the whole issue of sipping came as a surprise.

The researchers found that parents who perceived their children’s peers were using drugs or alcohol were more likely to let them try sips at home. They also found associations between increased home access to alcohol and lenient rules about alcohol use.

What was really interesting was to find the parents who were supplying alcohol to their children, they had good parenting practices, they had strict rules, they monitored their children’s relationships,” Dr Wadolowski said.

So if parents think their kids are hanging out with other kids who are drinking alcohol, they are more inclined to let them try it “safely” at home in the belief it will protect them from unsupervised alcohol use with their friends.

Is It Okay To Give Kids A Sip Of Your Alcohol? | Stay At Home Mum

These results back up previous research from 2014 from the University of Pittsburgh that found child sipping is related to earlier initiation of drinking, which is a risk factor for other problem behaviours such as binge drinking and drug use.

This research found that when you give kids a sip of your alcohol, it can be viewed by teenagers as implied approval and that by normalising alcohol use and providing a safe space to drink in, parents are giving their kids a green light to drink.

Meanwhile, Sir Liam Donaldson, the former chief medical officer of England, recommended in 2009 that children should be completely alcohol-free until they are at least 15 years old.

So if you are wondering whether you give kids a sip of your alcohol – wine or a taste of your Bundy and Coke, the answer is: probably not.

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world, and its use often begins in childhood. Though it may seem harmless to give kids a sip of your alcohol, research has shown that this can be a very dangerous practice. Even small amounts of alcohol can change the way the brain develops, and this can increase the risk of addiction later in life.

Additionally, children who drink are more likely to develop problems with alcohol as they get older. So, next time you’re tempted to share a drink with a child, remember that you could be putting their health at risk.

underage drinking give kids a sip of your alcohol

How to prevent underage drinking

Planning to give kids a sip of your alcohol? That’s a no-no. When it comes to underage drinking, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there. Some people think that it’s no big deal, while others believe that it’s automatically a sign of addiction or delinquency.

In reality, though, underage drinking is quite common – and can have serious consequences if not handled correctly. So how can you prevent your child from indulging in alcohol before they reach the legal age? Here are some tips to get started.

Drink responsibly or lessen your drinking in front of them

Most people are aware of the dangers of underage drinking, but many adults continue to drink in front of kids. What they may not realize is that this can be a contributing factor to underage drinking. When kids see adults drinking, it can normalize the behaviour and make them more likely to want to try it themselves.

Additionally, if you give kids a sip of your alcohol, you are sending the message that it is okay for them to drink. So if you want to help prevent underage drinking, you need to drink responsibly or lessen your drinking in front of them.

Make them understand the negative effects of alcohol

Every year, thousands of kids are injured or killed as a result of alcohol-related accidents. Not only that, when you give kids a sip of your alcohol, it can lead to a lifetime of addiction and health problems. So how can you prevent your kids from becoming one of these statistics?

First, you need to talk to them about alcohol. Explain the dangers of drinking, and let them know that you’re always there to talk if they have any questions. Limit or don’t give kids a sip of your alcohol either!

Know who they are with

“Do you give kids a sip of your alcohol?” Parents can take simple steps to prevent their kids from drinking alcohol. One way is by getting to know their friends and their parents. You want to be sure that the kids your child is hanging out with are on the same page when it comes to alcohol.

It’s also important to be a good role model for your child. If you drink, don’t do so in front of them or make a big deal out of it. You don’t want them to think that alcohol is a necessary part of having fun.

Tell your teen that alcohol and driving together are not OK

Every year, thousands of teens are killed or injured in alcohol-related car accidents. If you want to prevent your teen from drinking and driving, you need to have a serious talk with them about the dangers of alcohol.

Start by telling them that drinking and driving are never okay. Explain that alcohol increases the risk of accidents and that even one drink can make it difficult to drive safely.

Is it really okay to give kids a sip of your alcohol? Are you sure that it won’t harm them in any way?

Giving kids a sip of your alcohol might seem like harmless fun, but you should be careful. Alcohol can be dangerous for young children, and even a small amount can have serious consequences. So before you let your kids take a sip of your beer or wine, think twice.

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