How Do You Convince Your Toddler That it’s Time For a Haircut?

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The time has come to chop your little ones beautiful locks.

The once curly adorable hair is now grubby, greasy and out of control.

But, how do you convince your toddler that it’s time for a haircut? And how will you get them to actually sit still and get the job done? Below are a few tricks you can try:

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Consider a Mobile Hairdresser

If you know that as soon as you try to get your toddler into the chair at the hairdressers they will throw a tantrum then there is another option you can opt for a mobile hairdresser to come to your house. Mobile hairdressers bring all the items they need with them and will clean up the mess after. The good thing about opting for a mobile hairdresser is that if your child does tantrum, it’s in the comfort of your own home and half of the shopping centre doesn’t have to watch on in horror.

Go First

Schedule to have both of your haircuts at the same time (just make sure it’s not a three hour dye job for you). That way your toddler can see how it is done and will hopefully be more inclined to sit in the big chair and have the hairdresser wet and cut their hair. Often all it takes is to see mummy or daddy do it before your toddler wants a turn too.

Bring Backups

Try to keep your toddler entertained through the ordeal by bringing a portable DVD player, your iPad or iPhone and letting them watch their favourite show. Or, bring books, puzzles and other small activities to do quietly in the chair. Many hair salons that cater to children will have kid’s television programs to put on for their younger clientele.

How Do You Convince Your Toddler That it's Time For a Haircut? | Stay At Home Mum

Offer a Treat After

When in doubt, always offer a reward. It is not uncommon for toddlers to hate having their hair cut. Having someone comb and wet their hair can feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Furthermore, sitting in a sit for 10 full minutes can be excruciating. So offer a small reward after the hair cut is done a milkshake, a toy car, a new colouring in book.

Choose the Right Time

Early morning may be best for your child, when they are full of energy and before their sleep. Make an appointment rather than drop in; that way you won’t have to wait any longer than necessary. You can put them in the chair and hopefully be out of there before they start to crack it. Aim to make the appointment to coincide with your child’s best time of the day

Avoid Using the Word “cut”

Instead, try saying something like “we’re going to get your hair played with today,” which doesn’t have such negative and frightening connotations. And if you have a little boy, it might be easier to have his hair ‘buzzed’ rather than chopped. A buzz cut is fast and effective, but it can also be a huge change from his long locks.

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Stay Consistent with Your Hair Salon

One of the reasons your child may be afraid of haircuts is because a stranger is doing the job. Try and stick to the same hair dresser so your child starts to recognise them.

What other tips do you have for parents for handling the first haircut?

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