Is Your Child Ready for Night-time Toilet Training?

If your child is about ready for night-time toilet training, here’s what you need to do for them to stay dry at night.

4. Make sure your child can manage to get out of bed and can easily remove their pyjamas.

This is easier in summer months and they won’t try and put off the toilet if it is not that cold in the house. Encourage your child to practise pulling their pyjamas up and down.

5. Talk to your child about going to the toilet at night-time.

Work out a plan together. Will they go to the toilet themselves use a potty in their bedroom or wake you up for help? The more confident they feel, the better things will go.

6. Put a waterproof mattress protector on their mattress.

Make sure you have a fresh set of bedding and PJs ready in case. If the extra washing bothers you, buy pull-ups.

7. Make sure your child has easy access and lighting to find the toilet at night.

A low-watt globe in the hall will be enough to see but not too bright that you will be kept awake.

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