TV Presenter Jessica Rowe Shows Her Honest Family Dinners

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TV Presenter Jessica Rowe Shows Her Honest Family Dinners

In an Instagram world full of celebrities posting their impossibly healthy looking green smoothies or showing off their gourmet meals, meticulously plated up like they are in a top restaurant,  it’s amazing to think that any of them could be just like the rest of us mortals.

Well, one of them is. Channel 10 presenter Jessica Rowe is busy over on Insta showcasing her cooking skills… and she’ just like all us regular folk.

Jessica uses the hashtag #craphousewife to show off the meals she’s preparing for her family – husband Peter Overton the Nine News and 60 Minutes presenter and their two daughters.

Not only does she show us she has really normal, everyday cooking skills, but scrolling through her Instagram feed for the last few months highlights that she’s like many of us: she repeats her repertoire of meals over and over again. She seems to cook a LOT of spag bol, nachos, sausages, schnitzels and chicken wings.

I often think I’m the only one who seems to cook the same few meals all the time (factoring in things like legitimate family dietary needs, the whinges of fickle kids, my CBF factor/how long it takes to cook something/how much washing up it generates).  My Insta and FB feeds are usually full of my friends showing off all sorts of elaborate things and I’m over here like “I’ve got chicken noodle soup in the slow cooker again. NBD.”

Jessica is also not afraid of showing the santimummies of the world that she feeds her kids stuff like tinned spaghetti, takeaway pizza and frozen fish fingers. The horror! I bet some bitch calls DOCS on her for that.  I once heard a sanctimummy refer to takeaway as “child abuse food” lol.

Aside from the odd shot of burnt sausages or cake that’s fallen apart she’s probably a bit too hard on herself… she’s not quite #craphousewife  – more like #everydaymum.

Some of Jessica’s meal highlights:

Like normal humans, Jessica purchases cooked chooks from Woolies:

Her butter chicken looks like some of my own attempts:

Even rich and famous TV presenters have CBF nights and get pizza:

I think these snags are a tiny bit overdone:

Grey mince alert!

Shnittie night:

Shepherd’s pie:

Banana bread:

Bless her cotton socks!

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