12 Weird and Wonderful Things New Parents Google

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12 Weird and Wonderful Things New Parents Google

As a first-time parent, there is so much that we don’t know, but thanks to Google, all of our questions can be answered in a couple of clicks.

These are some of the weirdest, but very common things new parents (myself included) Google:

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1. “When will my baby sleep through the night?”

The holy grail of parenting – sleeping through the night. Something I didn’t experience until my youngest one was 2. So in total, I went through over 4 YEARS of broken sleep. On the flip side, I do know of a couple of parents who babies who slept through very early.

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2. “Why is my baby so noisy?”

Babies aren’t quiet. They grunt and groan and snort and gurgle and cry. Something to be aware of that first night of room sharing!

3. “Baby poop is green”

I didn’t realise poo came in such an array of colours and textures! It all depends on how your baby is fed. Breastfed babies tend to have runnier, yellower poo than formula-fed babies. So as long as it doesn’t have any blood or mucus in it, then there’s nothing to worry about.

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4. “How often should my baby poop and wee?”

I think we went through about 10-15 nappies a day at the start and generally, they were filled within minutes of a feed! And with boys, it is guaranteed that they will wee as soon as you take off their nappy. Did you know you can even get a “peepee teepee” to catch the wee?

5. “Why does my baby fart so much?”

Are you seeing a pattern? I think one of the biggest things new parents worry about is what comes out of their baby’s bottom! Farting is just a sign of gassiness and can be eased with a gentle tummy massage.

6. “Baby vomiting”

If you don’t cope well with vomit, don’t have children! Both our boys have sensitive gag reflexes so we have to deal with a lot of vomit in our household. Keep an eye on the amount though. When babies are born, they have tiny stomachs that can’t hold a lot of milk, so you may find they spit up a bit of milk, which is totally normal. However, if there is a lot of milk being brought up, then it could be a sign of illness.

7. “Is baby brain real?”

It hasn’t been scientifically proven as a real thing, but I definitely got a bit more forgetful (most likely due to sleep deprivation) during pregnancy and the newborn years.

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8. “Why does my baby cry all the time?”

This is the only way a baby can communicate with you, and generally, it’s due to hunger, pain, tiredness or a dirty nappy. Cuddles, skin-to-skin contact, a bath, walk or massage helped us soothe our babies.

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9. “Baby acne”

Babies often get small pimples on their face, neck, shoulders and back and there’s nothing to worry about. Just keep your baby’s skin clean and dry and it will go away on its own.

Baby Acne | Stay at Home Mum

10. “My Baby ate cat food”

Kids put everything into their mouths and if you have any animals, it’s best to keep all pet food and water out of your child’s reach. But if they do munch on a few dry cat bikkies, it will be fine!

11. “Why are my babies eyes crossed?”

Up to four months of age, it is normal for babies’ eyes to cross now and again. It’s a new skill, learning to see. However, if you are concerned that your baby’s eyes are crossed often, or seems to have vision troubles, it’s best to see your health-care practitioner.

12. “How do I open my pram?”

I have to admit that I googled instructions for a new pram. I had it folded and couldn’t for the life of me work out how to unfold it. This is why you have to practice using all the new equipment before the baby is born!

13. Where Can I Buy Cheap Nappies?

Ahhhhh yes.  Nappies are bloody expensive.  A friend of ours who had five children in seven years calculated that their family spent $35,000 on disposable nappies!  The key is to shop around for specials – then buy up big!

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14. Foods To Avoid Whilst Breastfeeding

We all know that there are foods that we ourselves are sensitive to. Maybe they make you burp, maybe they make you fart.  Well, the same is for newborns.  As much as experts say that there isn’t much correlation between what you eat and your breastmilk – there are foods that definitely make bubs unhappy!

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15. How Do I Know if My Baby Is Teething?

You finally got into a routine of sleeping and eating.  Phew – that was hard.  Then out of nowhere, your baby turns into the devil incarnate.  He or she is unsettled, drooling, their poos are greasy and smell real bad… But how do you know if teeth are on their way?

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What are some of the more unusual things that you Googled as a new parent?

12 Weird Things New Parents Google | Stay At Home Mum

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