10 Best Menopause Supplements That Will Give Your Symptoms Relief

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10 Best Menopause Supplements That Will Give Your Symptoms Relief

Menopause isn’t a walk in the park, the symptoms can be rough. The hot flushes, joint pain, sleeplessness and even anxiety can make day to day life difficult at times. There are menopause supplements now available designed to help ease symptoms and make life a little more pleasant.

Menopause Supplements 

Usually menopause supplements take about 4 weeks before you will start to see improvements, so it may be beneficial to begin taking a menopause supplement when you know that it isn’t too far away.

It can be tricky to work out which supplement will be best for you, therefore consulting a healthcare professional is recommended, but below are some general recommendations of supplements that may help with menopause symptoms.

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Best Menopause Supplements

Femular Forte & Femular 

Price: $59.95 (90 Tablets)

Femular and Femular Forter is a supplement designed to help relief and manage symptoms of menopause. With continual use, it can be show relief as early as 1 month, whereas you can see continuous improvements over 9 months if you stick to taking it. This menopause supplement is made with an extract of Black Cohosh, this exact extract has been through a number of clinical studies and is known to be effective in relieving menopause symptoms. Read More >

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Fusion Menopause

Price: $31.95

Fusion is a popular supplement brand, you see it on most chemist shelves! So, its no surprise they have a supplement designed to help with menopause. This popular menopause supplement includes black cohosh, vitex and dong quai. It’s a great combination of western herbal medicine and Chinese medicine. The vitex, combined with the black cohosh can help relieve hot flushes, mood swings and irritability. The Dong Quai is a common herb in Chinese medicine to help reduce menopause symptoms but its also used as a blood tonic. Read More >

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Naturopathica Meno Eze Forte 

Price: $52.99

This natural menopause supplement is jam packed with traditionally used ingredients that help with hot flashes and night sweats! It’s a blend of black cohosh, chaste tree, dong quai, wild yam, garden sage and a few more! Each of these ingredients are designed to help relieve joint pain, fight fatigue and ease anxiety. With that many ingredients designed to help, it would be a great everyday menopause supplement to take! Read More >

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Promensil Menopause Double Strength 

Price: $44.95

Promensil is a strong menopause supplement that contains Red Clover isoflavones. This ingredient can aid in relieving symptoms like night sweats, dry skin and easy anxiety. It’s a great supplement to take as you approach menopause as well, not just when you are experiencing symptoms. It is recommended to continuously take this supplement for 3 – 8 weeks to see the best results. Read More >

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Swisse Ultiboost Menopause Balance

Price: $29.99 (60 tablets)

The Swisse Ultiboose Menopause Balance has five ingredients that compliment each other and work effectively in helping ease menopause symptoms. This supplement includes black cohosh, soy bean, sage, calcium and vitamin d3. Sage can help with sweating and trouble sleeping, Black choose can help easy anxiety and help you get a better nights sleep, the calcium is great for bone health, and the vitamin d3 helps your body absorb the calcium. So it’s a really nice combination of ingredients to help you feel better in no time. Read More >

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Kiwiherb Menopause Relief 

Price: $39.95

This supplement by Kiwiherb is a combination of sage and black cohosh. Both ingredients are certified to be organic. This combination of ingredients can help relieve sleep disruptions, nigh sweats, hot flushes and mild anxiety. This one is designed to be either a short term or long term supplement, but it is recommended to use it for at least a month to see results on menopause symptoms. Read More > 

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Ethical Nurtrients Menopause and Hot Flush Fix 

Price: $52.50

This Australian-made supplement is a combination of western and Chinese medicine. It includes a range of ingredients including Chinese yam, tree peony, rehmannia and stacks more. It is recommended to take 3 tablets a day for 3 weeks to see results. Read More > 

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Nordic Naturals Omega Woman with Evening Primrose Oil 

Price: $39.99

This menopause supplement is a bit different than the other ones available on the market at the moment to help with menopause, but it’s full of good ingredients! It’s an evening primrose oil supplement with omega-3 included. These two combined help balance out hormones and promote healthy skin. The Omega-3 is from a highly concentrated fish oil and the ingredients for the evening primrose oil are naturally sourced. Read More >



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Remifemin Menopause Relief

Price: $24.95 (100 tablets)

Remifemin menopause Relief is a supplement that is used all around the world. It’s one of Germanys most popular natural products. It’s a great supplement to use as menopause approaches, during and after swell. The most active ingredient in this supplement is black cohosh. The recommended dosage for the best results is one table taken morning and evening. Read More >

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Harmony Menopause

Price: $21.99 (60 tablets)

Another jam packed supplement, that really uses unique combination of ingredients that designed to help relief sleep problems, hot flushes, fatigue and irritability. The ingredients include rehmannia, chaste tree, Angelica, Chinese yam and I could really keep listing. For the price, this supplement is great value for money with how many ingredients are included, especially when the ingredients compliment each other so well to be more effective. Read More >

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Menopause can be so debilitating at times but we hope these Menopause Supplements give you relief. All the best!

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