10 Effective Ways To Prevent The Flu

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10 Effective Ways To Prevent The Flu

Nobody has the time for cold and flu season. 

Here are the best prevention methods to beat those nasties.

1. The flu shot

To prevent catching the flu, medical experts strongly recommend getting the flu shot. Getting the flu shot at the beginning of the colder seasons gives you the best chance of fighting off the virus before it can attack your immune system. The shot protects you for around 6 months. First hand I have had the flu shot and for someone who is prone to getting colds, it really did wonders for me.

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2. A shot of whiskey

Reducing alcohol will help strengthen your immune system to attack the virus, and improve your overall health. Although in the occasion that you do get a cold, for a sore throat, a straight shot of whiskey can kill the germs nestled in the back of your throat. Gargling the spirit will burn out all of those nasty unwanted germs.

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3. Eat protein.

Yes, eat lots and lots off eggs — boiled, fried, poached — whichever way you can imagine. Meats and poultry included. Protein is definitely a helping hand when keeping your immune system out of trouble. Assisting with a healthy diet, you have a much more significant chance of keeping the snot out.

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4. Guzzle juice.

Juice every fruit you can find. Who doesn’t love juice? Drink vegetable juice, fruit juice, anything with vitamins will do. Build up your immune system and become a healthier you in the process.

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5. Sanitise your hands.

There is nothing wrong with being hygienic. If you don’t want to get sick, then keep your hands to yourself. Keep off those public railings and wash your hands as much as you can during the sicky months. Breathing away from others who are sick will stop you from breathing in contaminated air by those who sneeze and cough around you. Sometimes, being pedantic is necessary.

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6. Sweat it out.

Sweating your way out of a cold is a definite thing. Moving, exercisiing, and getting all those toxins out of your body is a great flu fighter. Getting your heart pumping and lungs huffing with some fresh air is a YES for your immune system. You can try going to a sauna as well to get your skin to exert the nasties.

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7. Take vitamins.

Popping those vitamin pills directed at enhancing the immune system is always a plus during cold and flu prevention. Going to your GP or pharmacist to find the best options for you is highly recommended by health experts.

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8. Chomp on garlic.

An ancient prevention aid is garlic. The properties these little guys have in regards to cold and flu prevention is pretty impressive. Colds can be prevented up to 70% when the subject has consumed amounts of garlic. So chuck garlic in your Italian dishes, curries, soups, juice or even teas. Eat it to your heart’s content for the best effects of prevention.

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9. Quit the sticks.

We all know smoking has damaging effects to your overall health!! Not only is it destroying your immune system. Cut out the nasties to prevent getting other nasties. It’s a win-win!

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10. Drink up.

Water is a heaven sent liquid and I am sad that most of us take it for granted!

Water is the answer. We need WATER for everything to keep our body clean, safe and healthy. Try setting water goals and finishing off that bottle before you go to bed. You can only gain healthy habits when drinking more water. Help prevent cold and flu by boosting your immune system.

What do you do to prevent the flu?

10 Effective Ways To Prevent The Flu | Stay at Home

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