10 Home Remedies Science Has Proven To Work

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10 Home Remedies Science Has Proven To Work

When you’re feeling under the weather, you might want to try reaching for some of your grandmother’s home remedies to help you get better.

While some home remedies are nothing more than old wive’s tales – at worst, they are woo and quackery and at best, are a placebo – there are a whole bunch of them that have been proven by science and actually work.

Here are some of the health treatments that have been passed down for generations that science says you can try for yourself:

10 Home Remedies Science Has Proven To Work

1. Ginger for nausea


Studies by the University of Exeter have concluded that eating ginger to rid yourself of nausea or prevent vomiting actually works.

2. Chicken soup for colds

chicken soup

Remember how your mum would give you some chicken soup when you had the cold or the flu and it made you feel a little better? We’ve been doing this for centuries… and now scientists have given it the tick of approval. A study at Mount Sinai Medical Centre found chicken soup acts as a decongestant and can help to clear nasal passages. Other research from the American College of Chest Physicians found that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce the symptoms of chest infections.

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