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First of all, congratulations on the success of your business, and now you’ve decided to promote it on social media, but you’re too busy to manually post updates, what to do?

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Thanks to scheduling tools, it’s now easy to post updates and content on your page without you having to go through each post and upload it on your page. Now, you can let social media do the work for you and it will automatically post anything you scheduled to upload on your page instantly.

You can already do this on Facebook, but how about Instagram? Well, good news for Instagram lovers, this photo and video-sharing social networking service, which is owned by Facebook, has jumped on the bandwagon too with its amazing scheduling apps.

We’ve gathered a list here for you so you’ll always be present on social media while doing about other important things with your business.

1. Plann

You can design your feed using a simple Drag and Drop technique using over 60 professional image editing filters and text overlay tools. You can also review Instagram Analytics to see know your best times to post. You can preview and manage multiple Instagram feeds at once and create captions and schedule Instagram posts ahead of time.

You can use Plann for free that lets you manage one account for a total of 10 posts a month, but you can use the Basic Plann which lets you manage one account for US$3p/m (3 month subscription) or $4 month to month. You can also use the Premium Plann which lets you manage three accounts for US$5p/m (3 month subscription) or $7 month to month, and the Unlimited Plann for US$9p/m (3 month subscription) or $12 month to month.

Download the App here for Android

Download the App here for iOS

2. Later

                                                                                                                                     via GossBoss

Formerly Latergramme, Later lets you plan & schedule Instagram posts in advance and uploading photos directly from your phone or computer. You can also manage multiple Instagram accounts and allows you to preview your Instagram feed while planning. It also  has a calendar layout where you can just drag and drop your content onto the time you wanted it to be posted.

Download the App here for Android

Download the App here for iOS

3. Planoly

It is Instagram’s first visual planner and scheduler. It allows you to Manage your Instagram’s marketing campaigns and content before these go live. It also has a drag and drop feature which lets you preview your profile feed. You can schedule your Instagram posts even months in advance. It will send push notifications to your phone when it’s time to post. You can also plan your Instagram Stories. It also lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts,

Download the App here for Android

Download the App here for iOS

4. Tailwind

                                                                                                                                    via AngelFoodsTV

This scheduling app specialises in Instagram and Pinterest. Now only available in iOS yet, this app allows you to draft posts on your phone, edit drafts, and send them to your schedule to be automatically posted to Pinterest and Instagram at the best time for optimal engagement. It also lets you organise both your Pinterest and Instagram schedules in-app with its drag-and-drop calendar,

Download the App here for iOS

5. ScheduGram

Schedugram, which is available only on iOS for now, lets you schedule your content to be posted on your Instagram account, either now or in advance. You can also manage multiple Instagram accounts. It also lets you see upcoming posts that are scheduled to be sent to Instagram, and edit or modify it if you want. It has a free 7-day trial.

Download the App here for iOS

6. ViralTag

Make uploading your Instagram posts a breeze through ViralTag which lets you schedule photos from your phone in advance. You’ll also get a notification which you’d need to push to post. This way, you can plan your content ahead of time and when you’re on the go, you’ll still be present on social media whenever and wherever you are. It also helps you identify the best times to post.

Download the App here for Android

Download the App here for iOS

7. Crowdfire

Keep the fire burning in your business by offering more content to your followers without you having to do it all yourself. Just do some posts and schedule them, then the app will do the rest, automatically posting your content at the best times or at a time you chose. It also has the Tailored Frequency feature which allows the app to schedule the same post to go out multiple times in a month.

You can use Crowdfire for free but with limits. To remove these, you can purchase its subscription starter plan Plus, which is an auto-renewing 1-month ($9.99/month) or 12-month plan ($59.99/12-months), but you can cancel anytime. You can link two accounts and post up to 100 posts per social account.

Download the App here for Android

Download the App here for iOS

8. Hootsuite

You can use the app for free for up to three accounts. It allows you to AutoSchedule posts to be automatically posted at the best times. You can also publish and share photos to all your social networks at the same time.

You can use it for free but if you wish to have more than three accounts, you can upgrade to their pro plan at $9 per month. They also offer a 30-day free trial.

Download the App here for Android

Download the App here for iOS

9. Buffer

Another time-saving app that lets you manage you social media accounts in one place is this app. You can just compose your post, add it to this app and choose when and where you want to post it. It also lets you get easy-to-read analytics for every update you share.

You can manage three accounts and schedule 10 posts per profile using its free plan. However, if you want more, you can upgrade it to Pro Plan subscriptions which are at a monthly rate of $15 or an annual rate of $144 and manage up to 8 accounts and schedule 100 posts per profile. You may also choose its Small Business Plan at a monthly rate of $99.99 and connect up to 25 accounts and schedule 2,000 posts per account.

Download the App here for Android

Download the App here for iOS

10. Sendible

With this app, you can post updates now or whenever you like it while you’re on the go. You can also learn about who you’re engaging with through its ability to access detailed social profile information. The app also allows you to measure the effectiveness and engagement levels of your individual posts and social profiles through its advanced publishing tools, in-depth analytics, 360 degree brand monitoring and social CRM features. You can register for a Free 30 Day Trial to get started.

Download the App here for Android

Download the App here for iOS

So, which of these Instagram scheduling apps do you use?

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