10 Surprising Uses for Chapstick You Didn’t Know About

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10 Surprising Uses for Chapstick You Didn’t Know About

Who says Chapstick is just for chapped lips?

I mean, it does an amazing job at its primary purpose, but there’s a world of possibilities in that sleek little tube. Well, it might not exactly save your life — unless a stuck zipper is keeping you hostage — but I’m sure you’ll find these tips useful!

Here are 10 surprising uses for Chapstick that you didn’t know about.

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Important note: For most of these, you need to use the plain variety aka the unflavoured and unscented one. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to slather menthol Chapstick inside your nose.

10 uses for chapstick | Stay at Home

1. Helps heal minor scrapes and keeps cuts from bleeding

2. Prevents frostbite

3. Prevents blisters from forming

4. Sooth raw, irritated skin inside or around the nose

5. Tame flyaway hair

6. Lubricate stuck zippers

7. Lubricate rings stuck on your fingers

8. Remove eye makeup

9. Smooth rough patches of skin

10. And serves as an emergency candle in a jiffy!


We learn something new each day!

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