10 Things All 30-Somethings Should Know

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10 Things All 30-Somethings Should Know

6. On Sickness

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” Don’t ignore signs of bad health even though you feel fine. Just saying “It always happens”, “I’ll just get better” and “It’s nothing” can snowball into serious problems.” unknown_super

“Health is the most important thing. Yes, more important than family, friends and money in my opinion. Having lived with health problems, it doesn’t matter how compassionate your loved ones are, you will be completely depressed.” JackBlacksBallSack

7. On Relationships

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“You can still find the perfect partner later in life. Don’t settle for someone less than what you want just because you think your time is running out to find true love.” Lastredditname

“Staying single gives you more time to self-reflect on your wants and needs in a partner. Never settle just because you feel you’re getting older and “that’s what people do”.” rdmrbks

8. On Hangovers

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“Get ready for some nasty hangovers.” Demshil4higher

“Hangovers knock me out for a good day or two. You know what’s worse than not drinking? Spending the two days that you don’t have to work, sick in bed.” jcw4455

“35 year old friend mentioned not having been hungover in years, a 22year old nearby asked if hangovers go away when you get older. “Absolutely. When you get older hangovers are replaced by responsibility”” meandyourmom

9. On Skincare 

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“Start wearing sun block every day now.” shortles

“Sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer. I wear sunscreen even in the winter” duriansweat

10. On Children

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“If I could go back to my 30’s (44 now) I would try and appreciate the time I have with my kids more. Now they are teenagers and I really miss them as kids.” ihatepostingonblogs

“Get a piece of graph paper. Mark out three rectangles on it, each of them 52 squares wide and 18 tall. Above each one write the name of one of your kids. This represents how many weekends you have with your kids before they turn 18. For each kid, X out the weekends that have already passed. 936 weekends sounds like a lot until you line them up like that and see them slipping away. Each week you can ask yourself “What amazing thing can I share with these adults-in-training this weekend?” omapuppet

“If you already have kids DO NOT BLINK. They quickly go from sweet little toddlers to stinky, moody teenagers. And your kids will become a mini you, so don’t be an asshole. You reap what you sow.” 2legitportu


“Imagine yourself at 70 and living the life you really want… financial stability, friends and family, happy and healthy. Then work your way backward and write down what it would take to get there. Do those things you wrote and be ready to reevaluate and adjust on a yearly basis.” Whatsitforanyway

“If at 70 you look back and say to yourself “I had a blast for the past xx years! I did lots of thing i wanted to and then some. No regrets.” Then that’s great. If at 70 you look back and say… “Damn… I ain’t done nothing I wanted to do.” Then that was a waste. Different people have different ideas of what they want to see themselves accomplish. Just figure out what that means for you and go for it.” Whatsitforanyway

What’s the best advice a 30-something could ever receive?

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