100 Hilarious Thoughts Mums Have During COVID

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100 Hilarious Thoughts Mums Have During COVID

100 Thoughts Mums Have During COVID

2020, what a dumpster-fire-chaotic-mess of a year/decade/century it has been.

Its been a stressful time for everyone as we’ve tried to navigate our way through this global pandemic. If you have spent most of COVID wondering how long you are going to be able to keep it together for, you’re not alone, here are 100 thoughts Mums have during COVID. 

Mums around the world are currently going through a range of emotions with COVID. Here are 100 thoughts mums have all had during this pandemic. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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1. Oh, homeschooling. This will be fun. 

I’m sure all the other mums are thinking the same thing. We can do this! Let’s just hope that our kids don’t turn into little monsters by the end of it. And that we don’t lose our minds in the process. It’s going to be great, right? We’ll bond with our kids, teach them new things and spend quality time together. What could possibly go wrong? Well, plenty of things, as it turns out.

2. Agh, I’m going to have to buy a printer. 

That’s right, a printer. With schools closed and everyone working from home, you’re going to need a printer for all those school assignments and work documents. So, if you don’t have one already, add it to your shopping list! It’s one of the thoughts mums have this pandemic.

3. Wow, I didn’t know my 6-year-old could write so well.

“Oh, wow.” What has my child been doing at school? Where did he learn that technique? Or, did Betsy start writing at the wall again? Better look for it! But, seriously. How in the world can they write so well?!

4. Oh, he really doesn’t know many sight words, is he behind? Have I missed a learning delay?!

She’s been homeschooling for two weeks now and I’m really impressed with how well she’s doing. I’m also grateful that we have the technology to keep her connected to her friends and teachers. But there are moments when I worry about the long-term effects of this pandemic on our children. Will they be able to socially interact normally? Will they be able to get the education they need? Only time will tell, but for now, I’m just grateful that my family is healthy and safe.

5. If I have to homeschool one more week I am going to become an alcoholic.

Some of the thoughts mums have during COVID: “I wonder if I should homeschool my kids.” “I need a break from my kids.” “I’m so bored.” “I’m so proud of my kids.” “I miss my kids.” BUT, seriously – alcohol.

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6. What am I going to do if the bottle shop runs out of Gin?

“Oh no, we’re out of gin!” As any mum knows, life can be stressful. And with the added worry of a global pandemic, it’s no wonder that mums everywhere are turning to gin for a little bit of relief. But, the GIN?! Top thoughts mums have this COVID-19 pandemic – alcohol and stress-free life.

7. Maybe I should plant a lime tree! 

Limes are an essential ingredient in gin and tonic and we would therefore have a never-ending supply of her favourite drink – GIN. Our thoughts mums have may consider the potential downsides of this plan, such as the fact that our young children might start climbing the tree in search of fruit. It’ll definitely resonate with any parent who has ever had a moment of pure exhaustion mixed with relief.

8. Actually, now would be the perfect time to plant that vegetable garden on my Pinterest.

So, we might not have that lime tree. But, anyway – how about that English country-side vegetable garden we found on Pinterest? I mean, it’s better than a lime tree. And, why not? It’ll keep us busy indoors.

9. Geez, seeds are expensive!

A couple of thoughts mums have when planning that perfect English garden – never mind (?). Seeds are expensive! What do we do? Let’s stock up on some fruits and see where we are going from there, huh?

10. How do you keep possums away?

Great. More pests. How do you keep them away? Disney made them look cute, but, in a word – NO.

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11. What are these little bugs? 

Seriously, what are they? I haven’t seen them before.

12. Everything died! I’m going to have to buy more seeds. 

All your hard work, all the time you’ve spent watering and nurturing your plants, and they’re just gone. And of course, it’s not like you can just go to the shops and buy more plants – you have to start from scratch with seeds. Which are surprisingly expensive when you need to buy a whole packet. And then you have to hope that you can actually get them to grow this time.

13. Great, the good seeds are sold out. Carrots it is!

I mean, it’s easier. Right?

14. F*** this I’m going to order vegetables online, I don’t have time for this sh*t. 

Yeah, forget it. It’s enough to make any mum want to give up on gardening altogether!

15. I love working from home, I never want to go back to the office. 

A couple of thoughts mums have this pandemic: I love working from home. I never have to commute, I can make my own hours, and I can wear whatever I want. It’s great.

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16. Good lord! Let me out of here. I need to see adults!

There are, of course, a few downsides. For one thing, it can be lonely working by yourself all the time. And if you’re not careful, it’s easy to let your work life bleed into your personal life. These common thoughts mums have are killing me!

17. Why is my work so busy?

I don’t recall working on so many Excel files in my life!

18. Why is everyone online whining about having to go to work while everyone else is getting Jobkeeper, you should be happy you still have a job! 

Thoughts mums have when they see everyone online whining about having to go to work while everyone else is getting Jobkeeper: why are you complaining? You should be happy you still have a job! My husband lost his job in the pandemic and we’re struggling to make ends meet.

I would kill for the chance to go back to work, even if it means putting up with a few whiny co-workers. So next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself, think about all the people who would love to trade places with you. Trust me, we’re not all sitting at home eating bonbons and watching daytime TV.

We’re working our butts off just to keep our families afloat. So cut us some slack, OK? We’re doing the best we can.

19. I am so over all of these influencers pretending to love lockdown. 

They’re faking it, right?

20. I wish I was a Kardashian, I could isolate myself in a mansion too. 

GIRL, me too.

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21. That plant I got for Christmas is going pretty well, maybe I should get another one. 

TL;DR: I can’t believe it’s still alive!

22. Oh my God, there are so many pretty plants at Bunnings. 

Thoughts Mums Have At Bunnings: I didn’t know they had so many different kinds of plants!

23. I’m just going to tell my husband these were on sale.

OH MY GOD, they’re all on sale! I wonder if my husband would notice if I bought one.. or two.. or ten..? Gosh, I need to get out more. Maybe I should buy a potting bench so I can have more plants. Ooh, or a greenhouse! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

24. I did not know that you could get so many nice pots from Kmart. 

I guess I’ll have to buy a few. Will my husband notice?

25. Now I have more pots than plants, back to Bunnings. 

I’ll just buy a few succulents for now. Look how pretty they are! And they’re so easy to care for. Perfect.

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26. There are way too many people down that aisle.

Trust us, even a couple of thoughts mums have pre-pandemic will have us want to avoid the aisle. UGH.

27. Look how cute that dog collar is! Should we get a dog? That would entertain the kids and I am almost out of paddle pop sticks after all. 

Thoughts mums have: should we get a dog? “Aww, how cute! Look at that little guy! He’s so adorable! I wonder if he’s available for adoption… Oh, he is!

28. How do you stop puppies from eating soil? 

Puppies are just like small children – they’re curious, messy, and always learning. And just like with children, the best way to deal with them is with patience, love, and a sense of humour.

29. Why did I think it was a good idea to get a puppy? 

But then I would have to walk it and pick up its poop. And it would probably eat my shoes. And then I would have to house train it. Maybe we should just get a cat instead.

30. I need a drink. 

Yes, GIN!

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31. Should I binge-watch Tiger King? 

Is there something wrong with me?

32. Well, that was a hot mess, I should turn Netflix off and read. 

I used to read all the time. What was the last book I read? Oh, yeah, that parenting book from 2006. I should really find a new book to read. Is it bad that I can’t even remember the last time I read a book?

33. Should I start a book club?

You’re at home, trying to have a peaceful moment to yourself. But then you see a group of women on TV, sitting in a circle and discussing a book. They look so happy and content. Is that… a book club? Thoughts start rushing through your head: “Should I start a book club? Do I have time for a book club? What if I don’t like the book they’re reading? What if everyone else in the book club is smarter than me? What if I’m the only one who shows up?”

34. I miss my friends! 

But, do I have to face-time them?

35. Well, I won’t have to clean the house because there are no visitors anyway. 

Thoughts mums have during the pandemic: I can finally get caught up on laundry. No more school drop-offs or activities mean less clutter in the house. Maybe I’ll actually have time to read a book! Now that everyone is home all the time, I can finally get the kitchen organized.

On second thought, maybe I’ll just order takeout…again. All these Zoom calls are starting to feel the same. So much for getting anything done today. I’m so bored. I miss my friends. I wonder if anyone else is feeling as isolated as I am? Surely this will all be over soon…right?

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36. And it’s nice not having to rush to too many places. 


37. Do I commit to too much?

“Do I overthink much?” That is the better question.

38. I’m definitely going to take it slow after COVID, just say yes to a few things. 

But, sometimes, I’m FOMO-ing.

39. Well, this family calendar was a giant waste of money. 

What am I going to do with it since I’ve got no plans.

40. Oh, pasta machines are on sale, I really do need one of those. 

Note to self: Buy pasta machines. I might regret it later, but, I’ll be much happier.

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41. Where can I buy an elliptical machine? 

Or…a treadmill perhaps?

42. How did I not know this national park was here? 

Is this even Australia?

43. Running feels so good! I will definitely keep this up after COVID. 

Why do I have the sense that this won’t keep up?

44. It’s so nice spending all this time together as a family. 

If not for the occasional kids running around the house, the husband won’t change the channel, the laundry piling up, or the lack of gin in the house.

45. I am the Queen of Craft. I should probably start a blog or something.

After all, who wouldn’t want to read about my amazing crafting escapades?

Or maybe I could start a YouTube channel! That would be even better because then people could actually see my crafting projects in action. They would be blown away by my skills, for sure. Right?

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46. Wow, this is really messy. 

That’s one way to describe it! Messy is one word for it. You could say it’s a bit of a mess.

47. Who are these brats on Youtube that my kids are watching?

Thoughts mums have during COVID-19 are the Youtube vids our kids are watching.
“I have no idea.
They’re always changing, and I can never keep up.
But I do know one thing…
my kids love them.”

48. Should I start a Youtube channel for my kids? 

Should I start a Youtube channel for my kids? It’s a tough decision and pretty thoughts mums have. On one hand, they’re absolutely adorable and it would be an easy way to show off their cuteness to the world. On the other hand, do I really want the entire world to see how chaotic my life is?

49. Bluey! This is better. This has to be the greatest kids’ show ever made.

For now.

50. I relate to Chilli on a spiritual level. 

I’m the mum!

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51. Oh God, we’ve watched all of the episodes. 

What now?

52. Can my neighbours hear me yelling?

What are the other thoughts mums have on me?

53. Why is my husband taking so long at the grocery store? 

I mean, there are only so many ways you can arrange a cart.

54. Honestly, it doesn’t take this long to find a sourdough starter.

Could he be getting lost? Maybe he’s simply taking his time picking out the perfect ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

55. If I get COVID and die will my husband know how to look after everyone and everything? 

OH, DEAR. Pass the gin.

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56. Great he came home with nothing. 

I can’t even.

57. Someone in my Mum tribe will know where to find a sourdough starter. 

I can just hear her say, “Oh, you want a sourdough starter? No problem. I know just the place.” She’ll rattle off a long list of ingredients and directions before finally giving up and admitting she has no idea where to find one.

58. What I wouldn’t give for a night out with the girls!

I mean, hell yeah!

59. How much is too much to spend on glitter? 

Especially when I’m feeling a lil pizzaz!

60. Oh, hot glue guns are on sale”¦ add to cart. 

They could go handy with the glitter for my pizzaz!

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61. How long can we survive if one of us loses our job? 

Is 3 days even possible?

62. Why didn’t I put money aside for things like this? I’m going to start a new account, Funds in Case of Another Global Pandemic.  

I’m going to start a new account just for emergencies.
That way, when something unexpected comes up, I’ll be prepared.

63. Should we withdraw our Super? 

Why not?

64. Why is the Centrelink website so difficult? 

Is everyone online at the same time?

65. Why do they ask all the same questions every time I fill out a form?

Where’s the originality, amiright?

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66. Are they trying to catch me out? 

I feel like someone’s watching me.

67. Oh my god have I filled this out wrong? They’re going to come for me!

They have my info!

68. Great, my desk succulent is dead”¦ back to Bunnings. 

Hello, new pet plant!

69. If I have to listen to the Frozen soundtrack again I’m going to stab my ears with chopsticks. 

You know what, I think I’ll let it go. OHMYGOSH.

70. Why are all podcasts about murder? 

Is it because I’ve been watching too many murder documentaries on Netflix and reading too many novels about murder?

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71. Oh, Chris Dawson definitely killed his wife, no doubt, no doubt.

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt. No doubt. No doubt.

72. Should I start a podcast?

But I don’t know if it’s worth the effort. Do people even listen to podcasts anymore? I feel like I’m always the last to know about these things.

73. Is that a pink plant?!? Well, I can’t leave without that. 

It’ll go pretty with our flamingo on the patio.

74. Great now Kmart is out of pots too! If they don’t restock their shelves soon I’m going to lose it!


75. That lady is coughing, run!

I can’t afford to be sick! Tell my family, I love them so much!

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76. That coffee machine looks exactly like that expensive one I wanted! I’m going to get it”¦ treat yo’ self girl, you’ve saved so much money on takeaway coffee. 

Trust me, only thoughts mums have over the pandemic is to have their daily dose of caffeine.

77. This coffee tastes like sh*t, when are the cafes going to open again?

Yeah, didn’t know what I was thinking.

78. Are all of my favourite places going to go bankrupt? I’ll be stuck drinking this dirty dishwater forever! 

Where will I escape?

79. How long can I go without shaving my legs? 

Thoughts mums have be like: is 14 days any good?

80. I’ll need to buy more tights. 

Will they even fit me?

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81. Will I be able to fit into my jeans after this? 

No! Pandemic chonky. 🙁

82. Meh, who cares! Imma make another batch of cookies!

Our thoughts mums have be like – dem cookies!

83. Domestic goddess right here!

Hello, beautiful. Mwah!

84. Thank god it’s finally Sunday, time for a Mimosa with breakfast!

Are mimosas even for breakfast?

85. Wait! Is it Sunday? It might be Monday? 

I’ve lost my sense of time.

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86. Oh well, it’s Sunday somewhere!

We have the international date line for just…one day.

87. Am I too old for Tik Tok?

I’m a mum. And mums have thoughts mums have on TikTok. I sometimes wonder if I’m too old for Tik Tok. I mean, most of the people on there seem to be in their teens or early twenties. But then I remember that a lot of people my age are on social media, so maybe I shouldn’t worry about it too much. Who knows, maybe I’ll even become a Tik Tok influencer one day!

88. How am I going to explain to everyone that I sprained my ankle trying to make a Tik Tok video?

And, my back.

89. At least I can hide my wrist from everyone in my Zoom meeting.

It hurts when I move the mouse.

90. Oh, sh*t did my boss just see my kid run past naked?

I’m pretty sure I can still keep my job, right?

Funny Zoom Meeting Tweets

91. Wait that’s his toddler in the background playing with”¦ is that a mankini she’s trying to play dress-up with? 

Don’t say anything. That way, I’ll keep my job.

92. HAHA not so intimidating now are you?!

LOL for this one.

93. If you take a screenshot on Zoom can everyone see it?

Hmm… nah, Not unless I send it over the GC.

94. Oooh, Facebook invite!

From whom?

95. Why am I in the B group? That’s rough. She was my bridesmaid and I’m not even in her top 10. 

Indult to friendship!

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96. How am I going to plan my kid’s birthday without offending everyone I know? 

Well, my kid, my rules!

97. Oh, wait you can’t. 

Right. What am I thinking?

98. I need a drink. 


99. Do bottle shops deliver?

Thought mums have be like – gin, right?

100. What day is it? 

Have I asked before? I mean, I’m not the only one right? Thoughts mums have could be like this one.

All mums know that thoughts can sometimes just pop into your head uninvited. But during a pandemic, these thoughts mums have can be particularly unwelcome – and even a little bit unsettling. Here are just a few of the thoughts mums have been struggling with during the COVID-19 pandemic.

100 Thoughts Mums Have During COVID | Stay At Home Mum

If you’re like me, your head is spinning with all the COVID news. It seems like every day there’s a new development – and it’s hard to keep up! In the midst of all this chaos, I had a revelation: mums have been dealing with anxiety-inducing situations for centuries.

So I decided to document 100 thoughts mums have during COVID. From feeling overwhelmed to staying positive, read on for some solidarity during these crazy times.

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