15 Awesome Ways To Use AvocadosAside from guacamole of course!

13. Avocado pizza

Well ya know, pizza with a healthy twist. Just too tasty to pass off.

14. Avocado popsicles

Who doesn’t want some frozen nutritious and yummy delights? These avocado popsicles will make you rethink avocado as a savoury food, that’s for sure! They’re definitely a fruit suitable to freeze.


15. Can be used as a vegan frosting

If you want some dessert without the guilt then avocado could be your solution. Go vegan by using some avo as frosting instead of other baddies! Here’s a good recipe for some creamy AF avocado frosting.

Can you think of any other uses for good ol’ avocado? Share it with us! 

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