15 Random Facts About CaffeineHow Much Do You Really Know About Your Favorite Morning Coffee?

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Caffeine is one of the world’s most common legal drugs.

It sits pretty in many forms in so many households, some obvious and some not so obvious. How much do you know about this substance?

15 Random Facts About Caffeine

1. The word Caffeine came from the German word Kaffee and the French word Café – both meaning coffee.


2. Caffeine was first discovered in 1819 by Friedlieb Runge.


Runge was given a box of Arabian mocha beans by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe requested that Runge analyse the beans. In doing this, Runge was able to isolate the world’s first sample of pure caffeine.

3. Caffeine acts as a natural pesticide.

15 Random Facts About Caffeine | Stay At Home Mum
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Plants that produce fruit, seeds and leaves that contain caffeine use it to paralyse and kill insects that attempt to eat the plant. Sneaky sneaky!

4. Just one strong cup of coffee per day can lead to caffeine addiction.

15 Random Facts About Caffeine | Stay At Home Mum
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So I guess the multiple cups that I’m having really indicate that I should consider cutting back a little. Who wants to accept that you are addicted or dependent on anything? But coffee? You sweet, sweet nectar of the Gods, how can I say no to you? So, okay! I get it, I’m caffeine addict!

If you are anything like me, like you are stumbling your way towards your coffee or tea station in the kitchen before your eyes are fully open, like you are shuffling so quickly to get your morning fix that your eyes haven’t even begun to focus? Then, you are an addict. Objects around you such as sleeping dogs, the vacuum cleaner strewn on the floor from where you left it days ago or other potential trip hazards are just to ambush you on your epic journey you’re now making.

You make it – uninjured by some true fluke of nature and you have your fresh steaming coffee in your hands. Sure, they are shaking just a little (yes that IS a sign of addiction) but they raise this liquid gold to your lips, then ahhhh. The world is looking brighter already. Family, you may now speak to me without cowering behind makeshift riot shields.

Within 10-20 minutes, your morning coffee caffeine fix has calmed your screaming receptors. Your addiction continues.

5. Caffeine withdrawals are a real thing.

Like any addiction, if you stop supplying your body with the substance (in this case, caffeine) that you’ve become addicted to, you will experience withdrawal symptoms for a day or more. These may include headaches (oh you know the ones – absolute blinders!), irritability (just ask your family what you’re like if you don’t have your coffee at your usual time), drowsiness and inability to concentrate. If you are thinking of kicking your caffeine habit, it’s recommended that you slowly cut back on the amount you are consuming until you get to the level you desire.

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