15 Ways to Get Your Sexy On

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15 Ways to Get Your Sexy On

Remember those days when you saw him across the room and your body ached. Chances are his body did, too.

Think back…. it was a wonderful time of your life. Ahh.. “The Honeymoon Period”.

There was so much anticipation, delight and satisfaction. I know, it was probably before kids and all the work and worries associated with being a parent but really, what has changed? I know you love him or you would have traded him in for a newbie.
Wouldn’t you love to return to those days?

Well, it is possible to recapture the magic with a little effort and patience. Now, before you get all excited, I just want to point out that bringing your sexy back can have lifelong repercussions so get protection.

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Look after yourself

Every sex goddess has great hair so keep bad hair days to a minimum. That goes for all your hairs. Get a wax. Do something different. Make an effort with your fingernails, toenails and your skin too. This is a great start to building your sex esteem back up. If you look great, you will feel great!

Get some decent underwear.

If you have not replaced your underwear since your Honeymoon, do it now! If the budget allows, get something raunchy and impractical. This is not the time for beige but you do need to be comfortable. Wearing sexy underwear is potent and you will ooze sexy as soon as you put it on.

Look him in the eye

You should always look someone in the eye if you want to be engaged. It allows you to convey your desire with confidence. Confidence is very alluring.

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Update your glasses

This can do you wonders. Many of us Gals get stuck in a rut and don’t change our style for decades but it is worth doing. While you’re at it, get new shades too. Beautiful sunglasses make anyone look and feel instantly chic.

Wear high heels

I know your podiatrist won’t agree but wear them – with your naughty undies. High heels DO make your calves look fabulous!. They turn any outfit from frumpy to fabulous. So wear the height that is practical for you. Remember, high heels are a fitness so persevere. Just not all the time!

Let your natural scent do the work

Our natural pheromones are very powerful. They are designed to attract the opposite sex. So don’t reach for the deodorants and talcs before hopping into bed just have a simple shower. Feel sexy knowing that we that we are formulating our own “Love Potion” without even thinking about it.

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Learn from sexy women

Who do you think is sexy? What do they do that is different? Watch and learn. There is nothing to say they are more sexy than you. It is just an opinion. They may seem to exude sexuality or maybe they just spend more time on themselves. Don’t be intimated by them ….copy them.  Remember, confidence is sexy, so even if you don’t feel it – fake it!!!

Go Commando occasionally

When you next go out in public with Him, don’t wear any undies. Wait until you are surrounded by people and whisper your secret in his ear. Before long, He will be making all sorts of excuses why the two of you have to get home early.

Flaunt the good bits

Use make up to accentuate your good features. If you have great lips, show them off by wearing something glossy. Use eye liner emphasise your beautiful eyes. If you have great legs make sure you make them a focal point. We have trouble sometimes coming up with compliments for ourselves but we all have redeeming features so ask a friend.

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Leave the lights on

Now this maybe confronting but confidence is your new thing. Try this every now and again. It feels spontaneous and allows you to really look at each other. Remember he is not the same guy he used to be either and you still love him. You can use a bunch of candles if it is too out of your comfort zone.

Dress to kill

Everyone knows that red is a sexy colour and men are attracted to women who wear red. So keep that in mind next time you reach for the “Little Black Dress”. Oh, and make it lace. Lace is associated with romance and it makes us girls feel feminine. But do remember to always leave something to the imagination. It is more fun if it MUST be removed.

Meditate or do yoga

It is important to have a good mind body relationship to have a healthy sex life. Make time to do this for yourself and your partner.

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Initiate sex more

Every time you initiate sex it does two things. It empowers you in your relationship and it makes him think you like having sex with him. Then he is empowered and turned on.

Have more sex

The more men get the more they want. Having sex helps the bond between male and female by way of the hormones released at the time. Sex is good for your mind, body and your relationship. The more the better.

Be Happy with Yourself

Last but definitely not least. Be comfortable and confident in your own skin. Do what it takes. If you need to lose some weight to achieve that, then do it. If you need to turn the lights off, then do it but find out how to be happy and accepting of yourself because a confident you is irresistible.

Many of these sexy habits may already be in your repertoire but reserved for special occasions. Your life is a special occasion so what are you waiting for?

Enjoy it!

15 Ways to Get Your Sexy On

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