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Who would’ve thought someone would be interested in that grey tasseled leather jacket you bought in 1998? eBay is where one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Whether you are looking to make some additional income by turning your collecting hobby into a business venture, thinking about cleaning your entire wardrobe profitably or looking for a business opportunity that can pay your bills, eBay is one of the best online sources made available to people like you for making money by selling things.


Nowadays, consumers from all across the world, are interested in online shopping for several reasons. Interminable access, competitive pricing, a vast array of products and most importantly, the convenience of being able to shop right from home are some of the major reasons that attract more and more consumers towards online shopping. eBay as a marketplace has seen immense growth lately, and if you are ready to make money through this site, the following 15 ways to make money using eBay should guide you best.

1. Be Familiar With the Site


When it comes to ways to make money using eBay, your first step should be to become familiar with the different aspects of the site. You may be using it for many years now, but when you are looking to get involved as a seller, there will at least be some new features that you are unaware of. Therefore, before you proceed with the selling process, spend time navigating through the website thoroughly.

2. Design Your Store

Make Money Using eBay

If you haven’t sold anything through eBay before, one important feature you should know about is that you get to design your store on your own. Designing your eBay store can help you greatly in generating income. If you are planning to sell more than one item on the site, by designing your store, any products that you display on the store can easily lead to selling your other items as well.

3. Use eBay Applications


To help you evaluate your sales on the website and to improve your efficiency, eBay provides you with several applications. One of the most vital of them all is the site’s listing analytics application in which you can easily analyse your listing’s efficacy in attracting users and generating sales. Using the results from the application, you can think about whether or not your listings require changes to improve sales. There are many other similar applications that you can make use of as one of the 15 ways to make money using eBay.

4. Perform a Stock Check


This is what most companies do. Similarly, perform a stock check at your home and find valuable items that you no longer use or need. There are things that are known to sell best: branded items, unused things, rare merchandise, etc. Also, when you have many small items that are similar to each other, try to sell them as a whole. This can be done specifically with toys or baby items that are no longer used in your home.

5. Sell Vintage Stuff

Make Money Using eBay

One of the best ways to make money using eBay is to sell vintage stuff, especially clothing. And if you plan on selling vintage clothing, you are likely to make more profits when you time it right. If you or any of your family members already have some that are not being used, then you can list them on eBay. If not, you can find vintage clothing for low prices in many second-hand stores. You can also find vintage items in garage sales in your neighbourhood. How can you profit from selling vintage items? These items are sometimes rare, and as mentioned earlier, rare merchandise can help you make a lot of money.

6. Include a Clear Photograph

Make Money Using eBay

Any item listed on eBay with a clear image or photo will benefit more. As a matter of fact, most products that are listed with no photo are known to attract 20% fewer sales when compared to those with pictures. Therefore, when you list any item on eBay, ensure you include a photograph of the item to improve your profit percentage.

7. Know When to Finish Auctions

Make Money Using eBay

When you look for ways to make money using eBay, you will find auctioning to be one of the recommendations. If you choose to list your items for auctions, it is vital that you know when to finish the auctions. Finishing your auctions during unfriendly hours will not get last minute bids from people that can actually increase the item’s price. The most recommended times are Wednesday and Sunday evenings. If the items you have listed are focused towards attracting business or office crowd, then closing auctions during office hours would be best. Always remember, closing your auctions at a sociable time will help you attain 20% more profit than otherwise.

8. Offer Good Customer Service


You have to be quick in shipping sold items to your customers. If the shipping gets delayed for some reason, be sure to inform your customers through follow-up emails as early as possible. To avoid disputes and poor feedback on eBay, it is important that you offer good customer service. Negative feedback can have a bad influence on your eBay seller account, causing you to lose customers and bringing down sales considerably. There will be many other sellers on eBay selling the same item as yours so even when one of your customers gives you a negative feedback, those people who are looking to buy an item will automatically move to the other sellers even if they sell the item for a higher price. Moreover, if you are just starting as a seller on eBay, negative feedback can completely ruin your reputation. For that reason, learn to communicate with your customers and be honest at all times.

9. Sell Handmade Clothes and Objects

Make Money Using eBay

Handmade clothing and other objects are always in high demand among buyers. If you know sewing, then you can create an active clothing empire on eBay, and this can probably be one of the easiest ways to make money using eBay. The profits you attain from selling handmade stuff will be significantly high because the initial investment you make will be very low, but the items will sell for a relatively higher price. When it comes to handmade clothing, you can choose from a wide variety of options — from traditional clothing designs that are widely available to specialty designs that cannot be found in retail shops. You can create anything that you think will appeal to your target audience. One other option is to create and sell costumes. You can also sell handmade jewellery and props to match dresses or costumes. If you are a master sewer and crafter, you can make great money by selling such stuff on eBay.

10. Sell Furniture and a Lot More


If you are not skilled in sewing or handcrafts, you can choose to sell items like furniture, antiques, and other similar items. As with any other item to be sold on eBay, the best place to start looking for things to sell is in your own home. Go to your shed, cupboards or spare room to see what you have accumulated over the years but don’t use. By selling such items on eBay, you’re not only earning money but tidying up your home as well.

11. Learn to Create Listings


It is crucial that you learn to improve your listings to get as many views as possible. This is especially important if you are trying to sell an item by conducting auctions instead of providing your buyers the “Buy It Now” option. As we said earlier, being honest with your customers is extremely important. This applies to letting them know about the quality of the product as well. The description you add for an item in the listing should be honest and accurate and remember to describe the item’s best features, like its style, material used, etc.

If you are selling a clothing item, make sure that you include its right size, so your customers find it easy to get their size. In the case of second hand clothes, if you are not sure of its size, you can use the different conversion charts found online and have the size converted to contemporary measurements.

12. Sell Art


Have you ever thought about selling precious art on eBay? Among the ways to make money using eBay, selling art is an often overlooked option. Whether you are a professional artist, or you love painting in your leisure time, selling your art on eBay is an outstanding opportunity for you not just to make money, but also to obtain a little exposure and have a word or two spread about your art. Even if you are not interested in painting on your own, you can find some excellent art pieces at estate sales, garage sales, and second-hand shops wherein you can buy it at reasonable prices and sell them on eBay for a profitable amount. Art pieces, unlike the usual clothing, accessories, books, etc., do not always sell quickly in physical stores, mostly because of reduced demand. However, when you list them on eBay, you are reaching out to a wider group of audience, thus, increasing the demand and value for the product.

13. Reach Out to International Buyers


If you wish to boost your sales by increasing the number of bids placed for your product, you should reach out to international buyers. To do this, you can choose one of the following options: market to international buyers through eBay Australia, or directly list your items on the eBay sites of different countries. There will be items that are of more demand in a different country other than Australia. In such cases, you will be able to make more profit by listing your product on the eBay website of that country. When you do this, the item will be displayed in their currency which will attract more locals who are looking to buy the product. No matter which of these two methods you choose, remember to increase the amount you charge for postage to make sure that it doesn’t affect your profit.

14. Use Popular Search Terms


Every single online business owner will be aware of the fact that creating wonderful content will end up being of no use if nobody can find it. This concept applies to selling stuff on eBay as well. It is important that you understand your customer’s mind and the language they use when searching for items to buy online. Research about the most commonly used keywords and include those in your product title and description, to make it reach the top of search results. Only if people find your product in their search results, will they consider taking a look at it, and eventually buy it.

15. Sell Wholesale Items


Try to collaborate with wholesale suppliers in your area to sell their items. However, before you contact a seller, do some research and look for items that are not easily available in bulk on eBay itself. It would be even better if you could sell items that you are knowledgeable about because you will find it easy to market them and also to answer customer queries if any.

No matter which of these 15 ways to make money using eBay appeal to you the most, you should spend some time marketing your products and improving your reputation. Once you end up being a successful seller on eBay, you can work towards becoming a “Power Seller”, a designation you can attain as a result of selling high-quality products to customers and by offering excellent customer service.

Do you use eBay to make money?

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