20 Easy Ways to Keep Your Weight Under Control

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20 Easy Ways to Keep Your Weight Under Control

Making small decisions each day can result in better and healthier you!

I freaking hate talking about weight loss, but it is something that I’ve had to do recently as my pants were getting tight, and I simply refused to go up a size. I’m tired of seeing my weight go on the yo-yo and don’t want to put myself always under stress just because of “strictly” maintaining my weight.

There are so many information available in the internet but much of what is recommended does not necessarily mean that when it’s working for everyone else, it surely will work for you. NO! You have to be a wide reader and always ask the right people like doctors and dietitians to know what, how and which methods will work out for you.

But while there’s no easy and quick fix to losing and maintaining weight, and it sure is a long process, there are plenty of natural methods that have actually been proven to work. I’ve tried it and it works like magic!

20 Easy Ways to Keep Your Weight Under Control | Stay At Home Mum
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1. Set a goal

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain or just maintain it, make sure that your thinking SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bounded.

2. Measure yourself

Ditch the scales (they are depressing) and grab a cheap tape measure.  Measure yourself weekly and keep a track of the measurements – that’s how you know if the weight is moving – without having to worry about ‘water weight’ or ‘muscle versus fat’.

3. Take regular photographs of your progress

Just for you – no one else ever need see them.  Preferably do the piccies in your bra and undies – and date them. It’s a good way to see your progress and keep you motivated!

4. Eat more filling foods

A study shows that those people who avoided weight gain are keeping meals that kept them full. Foods that can give us the fullness easily are high in fiber and examples are fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.

5. Count calories

Most of the successful people who are able to maintain their weight have been keeping track of their calorie consumption every day. There are plenty of calorie counter tracker you can find online and the most famous one is the My Calorie Counter wherein users can tailor their calorie budget, able to customised their meal plan, a large database of workout routines and browse through healthy recipes.

Start your journey right. More healthy ways to keep your weight under control next page

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