20 Funniest Parenting Tweets To Make Your Day

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20 Funniest Parenting Tweets To Make Your Day

When you’re a parent, having a sense of humour becomes natural because you have the best material – your kids. 

We won’t argue  – parenting can be frustrating and draining most of the time. Your nurturing and gentle nature is off shift when you have kids. Let’s face it, you will soon become that scarred and grouchy mum-ster who showers twice a week and can’t even decide if it’s a poo or chocolate stain on your shirt. But parenting can also be funny sometimes (if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, right?)

Some parents have taken to Twitter to tweet their daily dose of parenting fails and hilariousness. Here comes the perfect parents of the century with their funniest and downright parental wisdom:

1.  WebMD gives the exact diagnosis that doesn’t have a cure….


2. You’re a parent and you don’t have sick days


3. Being wide awake brings a new and psychedelic parenting perspective


4. The many disgusting things you do as a mother.


5. Prepare for double trouble!


6. This cloned protege will tell you if you have  succeeded or failed in parenting


7. Putting it off until your kids have one thing left to wear


8. Your kids get euphoric about their daily, unhealthy meal


9. No matter how tired I become, I would never risk the life of those around…my bed. 


10. Can’t imagine the aftermath of this disaster


11. The force is strong with this one!


12. With kids, there is no “clean”!


13. Desperate Bribing Measures


14. So I dare you, kids!


15. And it’s as stubborn as dirt ‘cos you’re singing the same lines in the shower


16. Midlife crisis?


17. I wish they’d have a clue on what they’re really doing


18. Weapons of dad’s distraction


19. You’re a good parent when kids are still alive, aren’t they?


20. When you’re parenting from your smartphones


What’s the hilarious parenting confession/s you have posted in social media?

Source: The Huffington Post

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