20 More Seemingly Random Tips That Might Just Save Your Life

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20 More Seemingly Random Tips That Might Just Save Your Life

It never hurts to be vigilant.

Because it hurts more to be dead.

Nah, just kidding. But really, even though these are worst case scenarios, there are just some situations that you need to be prepared for, no matter how far-fetched they might seem right now. A while ago we brought you some random tips that we reckon could save your life….now here’s some more!

20 More Seemingly Random Tips That Might Just Save Your Life

Here are 20 random tips that might just save your life.

1. Always tell at least 2 people where you are going. If it’s not possible, leave a note that can be seen right away.


Because you don’t want to be stuck between a rock and a hard place with nobody the wiser about where you are.

2. When navigating a city in a foreign country, pay attention to graffiti and street artwork especially if you can’t read or memorise the street signs.


Use these as landmarks or as markers near major landmarks so you can figure out which direction you’re travelling in, and whether it’s the right way.

3. Don’t put your keys inside your bag or purse.


That way, even if your bag gets stolen, you can always get back into your home.

4. Always have a first aid kit outside your house.


If you or someone else has an accident outside your house, you can get your kit quickly instead of running inside your home, going into your bedroom, fumbling in your drawers – you get the picture.

5. Always carry anti-histamines.


Allergies can strike anywhere at anytime, and sometimes, you might not even know you are allergic to a certain substance until you encounter it.

6. Check the windows and back entrance locks after strangers have been in your home.


People might unlock doors looking for bathrooms or just when they’re moving through your home, so always check after people leave. Or, your friendly new neighbours might come back at night to “look” around.

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