22 Chic Dark Wedding CakesThese are perfect for a wedding during the halloween season!

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Dark-themed weddings don’t necessarily mean it’s less pure than the traditional white ones. It’s still a beautiful day filled with love.

Just don’t sacrifice a virgin.

A lot of brides are now even breaking the tradition and are beginning to feel glam in colourful wedding gowns! If you’re thinking of breaking tradition (because booringgg), too, then here are 22 chic dark wedding cakes that you can use as inspirations for your own wedding cake!

So there’s definitely no reason for you to shy away from black, burgundy or midnight blue coloured cakes. In fact, these cakes look extremely elegant!

1. Dark and a pop of gold!

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via weddingforward.com

2. When you ask to interpret Love you to the moon and back as a cake:

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via satinice.com

3. The colour combination is indeed dark but divine.

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via boho-weddings.com

4. You can change the photo at the centre with yours.

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via fullfitwear.com

5. For a Harry potter fan or just a lover of zodiacs and the galaxy!

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via weddingchicks.com

6. Something for the guests to talk about!

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via mylovedesigns.com

7. Dark drip cakes are soo elegant!

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via polkadotbride.com

8. And here’s another one.

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via happywedd.com

9. Roses become more dramatic when paired with anything black.

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via mrstobe.com

10. This cake is such a mood!

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes
via magpiewedding.com

11. Definitely what marriage is all about!

via zankyou.fr

12. You can add more flowers if you want!

via theperfectpalette.com

13. B-E-Autiful!

via weddingvibes.net

14. This cake seems flawless!

via weddingforward.com

15. A dreamy cake.

via aislesociety.com

16. The detail in this one is just….

via awesomeinventions.com

17. This cake looks like it’s made by a villain from a fairytale book! I love it!

via greenweddingshoes.com

18. C-L-A-S-S-Y. That is all.

via awesomeinventions.com

19. For the bride who loves wearing headdresses!

via wedluxe.com

20. This is so elegant and classy.

via beontrack.me

21. No need to add extra decorations. This is already so glam!

via weddingvibes.net

22. Royal wedding feels!

via instagram.com

These wedding cakes will surely be the centre of attention!

22 Chic Dark Wedding Cakes | Stay at Home Mum

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