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Now that the New Year is just a few days away, we ought to think about the resolutions we failed to complete last year.. again.

And perhaps topping your list is to manage your anger (or losing weight, which actually never leaves your list every year lol!), right?

If you’re been feeling angry lately, we aren’t surprised. Just kidding.

The internet is a seething pit of rage and fear, and mums are just as likely as anyone to be feeling the heat, especially now that the Christmas fever is in and the New Year’s just a few more weeks, and mums are the ones pressured to get ready for the most festive season of the year. Then, here comes the news about terrorism and crime that’s distracting your every move.

5 Tips On How To Control Your Anger For A New You | Stay At Home Mum
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In times like this, it pays to ask WHY people are acting the way they are, and why you shouldn’t be angry just because someone is telling you to. Here’s a few tips on how to control your anger for a new you next year.

5 Tips On How To Control Your Anger For A New You | Stay At Home Mum

1. Do not let headlines get into your nerves.

Anger is a powerful emotion, which is something that the media has known for a pretty long time. That’s why every time they write a headline, they’re thinking about how to best capitalise on your anger as a reader. Second to anger is fear, which means that headlines these days are somewhat a deranged mix of terrified rage. Online and off, the media is leveraging your emotional mind, and to be honest, they’re absolute liars.

5 Tips On How To Control Your Anger For A New You | Stay At Home Mum
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When headlines tell you things like:

“What This Babysitter Did Will Terrify You”

“How This Mum Treats Her Baby Should Make You Very Angry”

“If You Do This To Your Kids, You’re Probably A Bad Mum”

What they’re really saying is don’t trust anyone with your children, judge mothers around you, and be hard on yourself. They’re telling you that you’ll never be what you need to be for your kids, that they know better than you because ‘recent studies’ have told them so, that you just aren’t enough. Let us tell you now, it’s all bullshit.

We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t SAHM the media? Of course we are, but a smart audience is an aware audience, and that’s what we want SAHM readers to be. So, the next time you read a headline, think about what that headline wants from you, and whether you want to bow down before it.

2. Don’t let people paid to make you mad push you around.

While you sit at home eating your breakfast and reading the latest in your newsfeed, you should know that there are a legion of writers out there who are paid to make you mad. Yep, people like the person writing this article are putting money in the bank making you absolutely furious.

Why? Because rage drives people to comment, to share, and to engage with the content, and in the loud and busy world of the internet, that matters.

5 Tips On How To Control Your Anger For A New You | Stay At Home Mum
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That means, they’re writing things they absolutely know will rile you up, using some pretty simple human psychology. Guess what mums? We love you, but you’re an open bunch. You feel things hard, you stand up for what you believe in, and you’re loyal as hell. That means that making you mad is as easy as pushing a few choice buttons, and boy do we love to push them. Remember that.

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