5 Ways to Get Some Quiet Time When You Don’t Have Time

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5 Ways to Get Some Quiet Time When You Don’t Have Time

 The lovely sound of silence is a delicacy rarely heard for parents of young children.

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I know after a full day (at the moment with school holidays) that the boys are yelling, fighting, messing and generally giving me a headache most of the day through their sheer noise!  But like most, I don’t have time to go find a corner or go to the library for a bit of peace and quiet. That there is for single people, or for parents whose children are old enough to appreciate how invaluable a bit of quiet is.
5 Ways to Get Some Quiet Time When You Don't Have Time

So if you don’t have time for some quiet time, here are 5 ways to sneak it into your day!


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Invest in some Noise-Cancelling Headphones

I seriously cannot remember a time before I owned a set of these magical headphones.  You can get them pretty much everywhere, and you don’t need to spend a fortune (in fact, the cheaper they are, the more you can actually hear).  You still want to keep an eye on the kids, but just blocking out the screaming can be very calming…

Get Some Quiet Tyres for the Car

Car trips are damn stressful with kids, so this is a time my boys know to keep their mouths quiet or Mummy will lose her… mind!  But there is nothing worse than noisy tyres – it is a pet peeve of mine in fact.  I’ve invested in some Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance SUV tyres which are lovely and smooth and quiet.

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I really like to make my car trips all about me. I’m just taking the kids for a ride. I fill my thermos with homemade coffee (being frugal), put my slippers on (and good shoes in my bag), crank up the air-con and just bliss out as I drive on the million errands that Mums need to do to keep the household going.


Goodyear EfficientGrip has noise dampening treads which make for a superior quiet performance providing a long, luxurious and quiet ride.

Listen to an Audio-Book as a Family

Well, it might not be silent, but it is certainly quieter.  Find a good book that you love (and that the kids love) and listen to it through the computer or through speakers (Google Home is good if you have it).  We quite often listen to the Harry Potter books… and it is the only time the boys will stop, and listen.  And when they are quiet, my brain can relax and think again…  There is also websites like Audible where you can download your favourite kid’s book and listen to it whenever the kids (and you) need a good break.


Watering the Garden

Even if you are not into gardening, even if you don’t have a garden (go do the neighbours) – watering is soothing and quiet….Even better, grab a deck chair – plant yourself on it with a good book, and let the kids do the watering whilst you calmly observe!

Put on a Podcast

Now, this is seriously one of my favourite things, although I can’t listen to the true crime podcasts I love so much when the kids are around (nightmares…).  But podcasts are great because it doesn’t require you to look at a screen, you can listen to it on fairly low volume, and you are learning something at the same time.  There are about a squillion different topics, so even get the kids involved and ask them what they might like to learn about.  Science Versus is one of my fav’s to listen to with the kids!

So if you need some peace and quiet when you don’t have time, these are my hints for my insane life! Hopefully they will help you get some sanity back too!

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