6 Things Parents Definitely Need To Know About Pokemon Go

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve likely heard of Pokémon Go.

It’s been big in the news, on social media, and just about everywhere else you look.

But what exactly is this new craze sweeping the nation, and what do parents need to know about the game capturing the minds of kids and adults alike?

What Is Pokémon Go?

Ok, so Pokémon Go is a mobile game that is location-based augmented reality. It’s free to play and uses your phone’s GPS and camera in order to blend your actual location with a Pokémon Go augmented reality. The aim of the game is to capture all the Pokémon, a blend of the words pocket and monster. These Pokémon wander freely about the world, just waiting to be caught with Pokéballs. Also in the game, real-world landmarks become PokéStops and gyms, where you can collect new items, and battle other Pokémon to level up and advance.

1. Pokemon Go Has In-App Purchases

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The Pokémon Go app is free to download and to play. However, there are in-app purchases that parents will need to talk to their kids about and keep an eye on to make sure they aren’t racking up an enormous Pokémon bill. Players of Pokémon Go can use real-world money to purchase PokéCoins, the in-game currency of the Pokémon Go app. These coins can then, in turn, be used to buy additional things in the game, from equipment to Pokémon lures.

2. It Does Encourage Physical Activity

You might be thinking “not another game to stop my kids from getting a dose of exercise”, but unlike most other mobile games, Pokémon Go actually encourages players to get outside, walk around, and cover distances. There are two reasons for this. First, players need to walk to new places to find Pokémon in the wild, so there’s a motivator to get out to new locations.

Second, players need to cover distances to hatch Pokémon eggs, so there’s a motivator to actually exercise!

3. You Need To Be Aware About Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, which means that it’s based off the real world, but it exists within your phone. The thing that both parents and kids need to remember about this is that it’s easy to get caught up playing the game, but players need to be aware that they are walking around in the real world. Make sure your kids know to look up regularly, taking their eyes off the screen to check out their surroundings and make sure they’re safe to continue.

4. Pokemon Go is a Social Game

Pokémon Go is a community game, so as well as providing an opportunity to exercise, it also provides many opportunities to socialise. If you head out on the street with your child in search of Pokémon, you’ll likely see other players in the middle of their own Pokémon Go adventures. This is a great way for kids to connect with each other over a shared passion, but as adults are playing as well, it pays to have kids travel in groups and be cautious talking to strangers.

5. There Are People Taking Advantage

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Of course, it wouldn’t be human nature if people weren’t also taking advantage of Pokémon Go players. There is an aspect of the game called a Pokémon lure, that people can lay out to encourage wild Pokémon to converge in an area. All players can see lures on the map, so they too move towards these areas looking for new Pokémon for their collections. There have been stories of people taking advantage of these lures to rob, attack and steal from players, so inform your kids of the risk, and be careful.

6. People Need To Be Respectful

The game makes use of real-world landmarks as locations for PokéStops and gyms, but in some cases, these need to be rethought as they’re causing non-players a lot of hassle and annoyance. There have been instances of these stops being very close to residential areas, causing residents to complain about large groups of Pokémon Go players trampling their gardens and converging in large groups.

Some stops are also located in graveyards, where mourners have blasted Pokémon Go players for their lack of respect. Make sure your kids understand that not all locations are Pokémon Go appropriate, and they need to have respect for their surroundings.

Do you and/or your kids play Pokémon Go?

6 Things Parents Definitely Need To Know About Pokémon Go

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