69 Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

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69 Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’ve had some thoughts. I thought I’d pop them all down for you.

Here’s hoping you’ve had a lovely day today, no matter what you got up to! Happy Valentine’s Day from all the team at Stay at Home Mum – just in case someone you know ‘forgot.’

1. Is that…?…zzzzzzzz

2. Is that the kids up already?

3. I’m just going to lie here with my eyes closed a bit longer.

4. Come on giant sleeping lump of a husband! Wake up!

5. Isn’t it a special occasion or something today?

6. Yeah! It’s Valentines Day.

7. I get to sleep in and have breakfast in bed!

8. Oh, wait. I think that’s only on Mother’s Day?

9. I wonder if I got a present?

10. Probably not.

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11. Well, I sort-of hope not.

12. Of course any gifts would be graciously accepted.

13. But, well, I didn’t get anything for him.

14. Wait! Before you judge – he never gets me anything.

15. That’s a lie.

16. Once he bought a fancy lettuce.

17. Instead of the ‘cheap’ supermarket flowers.

18. I’m sure the fancy lettuce was cheaper.

19. Oh wait, he’s not even in bed…

20. And he’s left a note on his pillow!

21. Awwww. So romantic!

22. Wait. a. sec.

23. The note says,


25. WTF?!

26. Guess I am getting up now then.

27. Yes I am awake.

28. Please don’t pull my eyelids back.

29. Oh. Too Late.

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30. Yes! Happy Valentine’s Day my darlings.

31. Well, at least the kids remembered.

32. Oh, and they’ve made cards.

33. Sweet.

34. Except they’re covered in glitter.

35. And so am I, now.

36. And the bed.

37. Oh! And the dog.

38. Is this some sort of pre-school teacher glitter bomb joke?

39. Unsure.

40. I’ll be waking up looking like I’ve been clubbing all night for the next year.

41. Awesome.

42. I wonder if hubby will remember what day it is on reflection in the surf?

43. Maybe he’ll come home with chocolates and roses?

44. Mmmm, I could really do with some chocolate.

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45. Probably not happening.

46. Honestly, how much longer is he going to be?

47. The suspense is killing me.

48. This could go either way!

49. Maybe I should get something ready just in case?

50. A card.

51. I’ll make a card with the kids for him to show how much we love him.

52. Let’s consult Pinterest.

53. Here we go kids, let’s make it pretty.

54. No. We are not using glitter.

55. Glitter is not really a home craft item.

56. That’s just lovely.

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57. Yes, I’m sure Dad will love it guys.

58. So thoughtful. So loving of us.

59. Finally! He’s home.

60. Empty handed.

61. Pffft! What did I expect!?

62. Even after the amazing card.

63. What’s that you say?

64. I can have the whole afternoon all to myself?

65. It’s my Valentine’s Day Present?

66. Oh. My. God.

67. It’s the best freaking Valentine’s Day gift I’VE EVER RECEIVED.

68. I love you darling husband.

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69. Happy Valentine’s Day to you x

69 Thoughts On Valentine's Day | Stay At Home Mum

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