8 Great Facebook Groups You Need To Join

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8 Great Facebook Groups You Need To Join

There are so many different Facebook Groups to join these days.

Now, joining the right Facebook group can  keep you in the loop, inspire and entertain you. From style and fashion to food and parenting, each offers their own unique signature of entertainment and information. Here are great Facebook groups you absolutely need to join!

1. Internet Mothers Group/Site

8 Great Facebook Groups You Need to Join | Stay At Home Mum

Like our Stay at Home Mum Forum to keep up to date with current tips, chat live with other mums and find news, recipes and articles to get you through life and motherhood with a laugh.

2. Local Area Mothers Group

These are particularly handy for local tips and happenings around the area and getting to know other mums in your area.

3. Your Children’s Schools

Some schools have Facebook pages to keep you up to date with what is coming up whether it be the fundraising fete or excursions.

4. Sports Group

My children’s tennis club only sends out updates on class cancellations via Facebook. I am sure many other clubs do the same thing rather than trying to ring or email everyone to notify of weather conditions or changes in venue.

5. Support Groups

These are particularly handy if you are looking for advice and support for raising children with a disability. It gives you a chance to reach out to people in the same situation to compare notes when it can be very difficult to leave the house.


6. Suburb/Town kids activity and playgroup pages

These are great for activities that are happening in your local area, and finding groups and activities your kids will enjoy.

7. Buy/Swap/Sell Pages

This type of page is especially good for being able to get rid of a bit of clutter out of the house without having any selling fees. I love selling baby things on them.

8. Shared Interest Groups

Whether it be cooking, resilience training, weight loss or motor bikes – there is something for everyone. Find friends with similar interests and get tips or share your hints with others.


There are so many opportunities to reach out to your family, friends, Facebook friends and people with similar interests.

What is your favourite Facebook group?

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