9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take Your Phone To Bed With YouLeave It Outside, And Go Back To Traditional Alarms

5. It’s Covered In Germs

Generally, we like to keep our bedrooms and sleeping spaces clean, but what we don’t often realise is that bringing a phone into the mix is the best way to ruin that. Phones are absolutely filthy, with one study finding them to be even dirtier than your average toilet seat by far. You wouldn’t want to sleep next to a toilet seat, so don’t sleep next to your phone!

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6. It Creates Nomophobia

Never heard of nomophobia? Well, you might have felt it before. Nomophobia is the very real and recognised fear of being left without a mobile phone. It’s increasingly common in the younger generation with sufferers reporting exceedingly high anxiety when they lose their phone, or are required to turn it off. Worried? Keeping your phone in bed with you isn’t likely to solve your reliance!

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