A Much Needed Girls Night Had Us At Muriel’s Wedding The Musical!!!!

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A Much Needed Girls Night Had Us At Muriel’s Wedding The Musical!!!!

Last Friday night was when the girls and I decided to have our ‘Girls Night’ and what better way to spend it than watching Muriel’s Wedding being performed onstage at QPAC!

Four of the girls, NO KIDS AND NO HUSBANDS. Just us!

A mini one hour road trip had us travelling from the Sunshine Coast  to QPAC in Brisbane last Friday afternoon. We had booked a table for some pre-show cocktails and tapas super close to the theatre. At around 7ish we arrived at QPAC and collected our tickets. The place was packed and buzzing with guests who were just as excited to see the show as we were. Scores of people were enjoying a glass of bubbly before the show started. The show started at 7:30pm and from the get go the entire audience was captivated. The opening act started with a song and I just knew this show was going to be a banger, following the movies original plot – but more modern and totally more vibrant.

2019 Australian Cast The Wedding Photo by Jeff Busby 1207 | Stay at Home

The music was beyond brilliant throughout the entire show and it was sooooooo funny that we laughed our arses off almost the entire time! The cast’s performance was just epic and the way they have moved this from the small screen to the stage is amazing. We even heard some of the movie’s famous lines like ‘ YOU’RE TERRIBLE MURIEL’  and ‘ YOU CAN’T STOP PROGRESS’ (Ohh the childhood memories!). We reminisced as we grabbed some ice cream during the interval and had a chat with other show goers around us. We were all just giggling while saying the show’s lines. We really were like a bunch of teen girls at their first disco lol!

2019 Australian Cast Rhonda Photo by Jeff Busby 2911 | Stay at Home

As the show ended we found it exceeding all of our expectations.  And as the cast gathered on stage to take their bow the whole theatre was up on their feet dancing and applauding the cast and the crew, there was not one disappointed person in that theatre. I would watch this musical again and again, it was that awesome!

We had the best best best girls night.

iHEnsBau | Stay at Home

Even when leaving the theatre after the show all you could hear was the chatter of audience member talking about how great the show was! When I had the earlier opportunity to met Natalie (Who played Muriel) and Stefanie (who played Rhonda) I knew that it was going to be a great show. But seeing everything come together – the story, the music, the set, the costumes all playing out together in the theatre stage was something else. It brought me back to that time, back to 1994 when Muriel’s Wedding was something us young girls loved and admired.

2019 Australian Cast Bouquet Photo by Jeff Busby 2082 | Stay at Home

Ladies, I cannot urge you enough to head to QPAC and get your tickets. Better hurry as it won’t be around forever! Remember the show is recommended for 15+ only. Bring along your mum, your friends and your sisters! It will be, like it was for us… an awesome girls night out! ★★★★★

Muriel’s Wedding the Musical will be at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s (QPAC’s) Lyric Theatre in Brisbane until October 26 only.

Muriels Wedding The Musical Vibrant Colourful and Bold | Stay at Home

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