24 Photos of Pugs Having the Best Time of Their Lives

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  • 24 Photos of Pugs Having the Best Time of Their Lives

Pugs own the internet..

Just type the word “pug” on Google and you get a flood of pug selfies, groupies and photo shoots. It just shows how on-the-go, quirky and fun pugs can be. And their humans love them for it.

These wrinkly, cotton-candy, balls of happiness are a joy to be around. These dogs are known as the clowns of the canine world because of their great sense of humour. They’re also loyal, loving and a little bit clingy.

Pug parents, do I get a nod here? These photos will show you why Pugs are the best companions — and they’re just experts on having the best time of their lives.


1. Going out for a ride IN STYLE.

via Pinterest


2. If you sleep for about 14 hours, you need chic beds, right?

via Pinterest


3. Trick or Treat? #StarbucksCup

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