Benefits Of A Destination Wedding

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Benefits Of A Destination Wedding

Organising a wedding is stressful, so why not organise to getaway while you’re at it? Here are some great benefits to having a destination wedding.

More quality time with guests

A destination wedding makes for a smaller, more intimate wedding than usual. They usually last a few days, which gives you plenty of time to get round to all the guests and spend some quality time with them. All the guests will be relaxed in holiday mode, enjoying their mini-break, until the wedding day. Then it’s all about you!

Cost effective

In the end, although you’ll invite loads of people, the destination wedding won’t suit most of your regular guests. With many of them not being able to make it for different reasons, by default with your guest list shrinking in size, so will the overall cost.

By limiting your list to just your family and super close friends, you’ll save lots of money. You’ll even have enough to go all out with the ceremony and reception at your destination.

The honeymoon starts straight after ‘I Do’Benefits Of A Destination Wedding

When your guests leave the destination, stay at least a few more days. Since you are already at a beautiful honeymoon destination, you can add that expense into your savings and save yourself the time and energy of packing and travelling after your big day.

Amazing photos

Destination weddings provide the most beautiful scenery for your wedding pictures, without making guests wait hours for you to arrive at the reception. Imagine rolling hills, palm trees or a golden sunset behind you as you pose in your perfect wedding dress, your photos will look like they’re straight out of a magazine!

Overall, less planning

Most destination wedding venues offer full wedding planning services so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can choose to leave it all up to them, or just enlist them to help with a few things to take the load off. This way you can avoid becoming a total Bridezilla at your beautiful destination!

Beautiful destination wedding memories

Many brides complain their wedding was so stressful to plan that they hardly remember the day itself. Having a destination wedding gives you and your partner the chance to really kick back and enjoy yourself and make memories with your guests.

Would a destination wedding be for you? If you had one where would you go?


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