Book Review: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson

Reviewed by Sue Phillips

Non Fiction not your thing?  Try this epic on for size!!Book Review: Steve Jobs

As a fiction only reader normally, I was intrigued by the person who brought the world the iPhone and the iPad, gadgets we can’t imagine life without.

Steve Jobs – Perfectionist, obsessive, tyrannical, brilliant, innovative – the good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing was off limits to the author when Jobs himself requested the writing of his biography. Through interviews with family, friends, adversaries and colleagues the life of this iconic personality are detailed warts and all – and there are plenty of warts!  Jobs was not a likeable individual for much of the book, but individual he was.  He was intense and passionate about his mission in life – to bring technology to the masses and to be the best!

Beware, it is not a short story, over 600 pages which will suck you into the imagination and psyche of this complex character.  Interestingly, he wanted no control over the content or to even read it before it was published, he said “I don’t have any skeletons in my closet that can’t be allowed out”

Recommend it?

You bet, be prepared for a love/hate journey with one of the most influential characters of our time.

Final Rating:


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