8 Cheap And Easy Home Fitness Ideas

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8 Cheap And Easy Home Fitness Ideas

Looking for cheap and easy home fitness ideas? Well try some of these!

Remember that ab king promaster-max that easily stored under the bed..and then stayed there? The exercise bike that makes a great place to store laundry you haven’t got around to hanging up? Or the treadmill that takes up loads of room and never, ever gets used?

Sell ’em, sell em all, because I have got your new home gym and you can buy it for under $60. Use them all in a circuit and you have got an awesome home workout for a fraction of the cost .

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8 Cheap And Easy Home Fitness Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
8 Cheap And Easy Home Fitness Ideas | Stay At Home Mum

1: A Skipping Rope

Not just for kids, skipping is great cardio and one of the best home fitness ideas. Boxers make regular use of a skipping rope in their workouts and no one could say they take the easy option. You can skip with anything but a weighted rope would be best. You can even get one that counts your skips for you to keep you motivated.

Best of all, you can pick skipping rope’s up pretty much from anywhere and they typically cost under $20.

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Station 2: Hand Weights

Dream of slender toned arms but don’t have a gym membership? Don’t worry, you can pick up a pair of hand weights and put together a little routine at home. If you are not sure where to start, check out YouTube and look for exercises for biceps, triceps and shoulders. 2kg weight is a good start but if you don’t even have this just grab two tins of beans out of the cupboard. If you haven’t lifted any weights before this might just give you enough resistance to start off with.

Cheap Fitness Ideas
8 Cheap And Easy Home Fitness Ideas

3: Resistance Bands

Essentially big rubber bands with handles, and resistance bands are perfect for improving strength and muscle tone and also for stretching.  The stronger the band the harder it is for you to pull on it and therefore the greater the workout. Most bands come in a set but if you only have one, get one with less resistance and then just wind it around your hands to increase the workout.

Cheap Fitness Ideas
8 Cheap And Easy Home Fitness Ideas

4: A Glute Training Machine

It’s all about the booty these days! And if you want a pert, strong rounded buttocks, grab yourself a glute training machine. The Booty Builder from FitBoutique is an easy-to-use home machine that laser-targets your butt.

The Booty Builder is designed to perform banded hip thrusts with optimised, customised resistance.

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5: A Step

No, not a fancy branded one, just any old step in your house. Make sure your whole foot will fit on it, you don’t want your ankle hanging off the end. Then just step up, up on one foot and down on the other. Vary your speed and keep your heart rate up. Try jumping up with two feet on and two feet off for a bit more of a workout. Aim for sets of 10.

6: Dance

This one requires no equipment – just put on your favorite song and dance your heart out to it! Preferably a couple of songs in a row – enough to get that heart beating fast.

And if you are shy about dancing – even at home alone – try doing the Nut Bush!

We even have a list of the 50 Best Songs to Work Out To!

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7. A Punching Bag

Take out all your frustration and get a workout at the same time with a punching bag. Easy to use, cheap to buy and is great for the whole family to use.

We have this one at home and the boys use it all the time. Only $142 from Ozsale

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8. A Basketball Ring

Great for getting the whole family out of the house – and playing together. Shoot some hoops, and get super fit at the same time!

You can grab one for under $300 at Ozsale.

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Home Fitness Ideas

Then just put it all together. You could use the timer on the oven to time your circuit so 2 minutes of skipping, 1-minute rest, then do some weights, aim for 10 of each exercise and then 60 seconds stepping up at a fast rate, followed by 60 seconds rest. Throw in 10 push-ups, 20 ab crunches and 20 squats and you’ve got yourself a workout.

Always remember to warm up. Use your skipping rope and start off at a steady pace or go for a bit of a jog around the garden.

Your cool down and stretch are also important, make sure you stretch out your arms if you have been using the weights and also stretch your hamstrings, calves and quads.

Have fun with it and think about what you could buy with all the money you’ve just saved!

Cheap And Easy Home Fitness Ideas | Stay at Home
8 Cheap And Easy Home Fitness Ideas

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