Choosing a New MattressA mattress is very essential for sleep. Keeps us mums sane!

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Your mattress is your dream master, so choosing a new mattress is important for your sanity and health.  

It is the fortress of your sleep, and thus, you want to make sure it is made out of the right material. A mattress will last you several years, if you invest in a good quality option.

There are several criteria that you will most likely consider when selecting your new mattress, including price and size. Below are some of the various options you have to consider when selecting your new mattress.

1. The Inner Spring Mattress

This is one of the most traditional types of comfy mattresses that include a coil mattress wedged in between two comfort layers on the top and bottom. The comfort layers are filled with various material including down feathers, wool, silk, foam, etc. Lower end inner spring mattresses may use cotton fibres or coconut fibres. Inner spring mattresses are a solid choice when it comes to comfortable mattresses and remain a top seller with brands such as Sealy, Serta and Simmons.

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2. The Foam Mattress

A leading competitor to the inner spring mattress, the foam mattress is paving the way to dream world. Memory foam mattresses are the most common type of foam mattresses and uses material that was developed by NASA. Memory foam is sensitive to pressure and heat and is considered to be soft and supportive at the same time. You will literally just fall into a memory foam mattress and never want to wake up. The memory foam mattress have been made popular by mattress giant Tempur-Pedic but are also sold by Ergoflex, Simmons and Dormia.

3. The Waterbed Mattress

Imagine waking up feeling like you are floating in a bed of water. This is what will happen when you choose a waterbed mattress. Although many people complain about getting in and out of bed with a waterbed mattress, the waterbed mattress offers a sleep that is not only comfortable, but also fun! Furthermore, the light rocking of the waterbed can be soothing for many. However, a waterbed may not be best if you have a cat or dog that sleeps in bed with you as they may pop the mattress with their claws.

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4. The Air Mattress

Most high end air mattresses are filled with air and feature a comfort level on top. One of the best reasons for choosing an air mattress is because you are in control of your own firmness. This is comfort and support personalised. Select Comfort is the leading mattress brand of the air mattress.

5. The Gel Mattress

Last but not least on our list of the top most comfortable types of mattress is the gel mattress. They are a revolutionary addition to the mattress market and use gel in the inside. The gel remains cool and comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Some of the companies that feature this innovative and unique mattress include Drive, Dormia and Intelli-Gel.

It pays to shop around and to spend a little more than you normally would. After all, a good mattress can equate to a good night’s sleep which we all need. One way to get an excellent mattress but at a fraction of the price is to do your hunting online. Many companies offer free shipping as well as mattresses at a fraction of the cost of the stores. You can also look at getting last year’s mattress models at a discounted rate. Sure, they may be from 2011, but does it really matter? We promise, your body won’t know the difference!

What type of mattress will you be choosing?

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