8yo Girl Suffers Horrific Genital Injuries at Dreamworld

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  • 8yo Girl Suffers Horrific Genital Injuries at Dreamworld

Dreamworld is in the news again with an 8yo Girl Suffering from Horrific Injuries at White Water World

The 8yo girl was riding down a water slide in White Water World (which is part of the Dreamworld Complex) when she came off the slide covered in blood.

Allegedly Dreamworld staff just pointed the girl to the First Aid Room.  A female staff member from Dreamworld allegedly said to the girl’s mother ‘Perhaps she has her period?’.  To this, her mother answered:

‘She is eight years old, this is not her period. She’s crying in pain, bleeding everywhere’.

An hour later an ambulance was finally called and the girl was transferred to Logan hospital, where she underwent surgery for a severe vaginal tear.  It is believed it will take eight weeks for the girl to recover from her injuries enough to go back to school.  Doctors told the girl’s mother they are not sure of the long-term effects the girl may suffer as a result of the injury.

The slide is the park's latest attraction.

Credit: Dreamworld Facebook Page


The slide in question is the brand new Fully6 Slide which is the newest slide at White Water World.  To ride the slide, patrons must be at least 120cm tall and under 120 kg in weight.  Staff instruct patrons to cross their legs and arms before riding down the slide.

It is believed the extreme water pressure caused the genital injuries to the girl.

‘She was just standing on the concrete, blood everywhere.  I didn’t know where it was coming from.  I was freaking out’. The girl’s mother Sarah claimed.

The girl’s mother is now pursuing civil action. She claims that White Water World failed to warn her daughter of the dangers before she went on the Fully6 ride.

This comes just months after Dreamworld’s parent company, Ardent Leisure was fined $3.6 million for negligence over the death of four patrons on the River Rapids Ride in 2016.

We will keep you updated on this story.

A water slide at Dreamworld's sister park WhiteWater Word turned 'red with blood' when an 8-year old girl allegedly suffered a horrific genital injury that later required two operations (pictured, the Fully6 water slide)

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