Drooling Over The Hemsworth Brothers? It’s Worth It!

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Drooling Over The Hemsworth Brothers? It’s Worth It!

Drooling Over The Hemsworth Brothers? It’s Worth It!

 There are some damn good genes in the Hemsworth family. There’s no arguing that. 

Chris, Liam and Luke, originally from Philip Island in Victoria, have definitely proved that Aussies are the spunkiest of spunkiest when it comes to Hollywood, with all three making it the big city to star as leading men.

Their closeness is pretty adorable too, even the little tidbits they have revealed from their childhood add to their overall magnificence/incredible hotness!

Drooling Over The Hemsworth Brothers? It's Worth It! | Stay At Home Mum
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The brothers recently revealed when they were kids that Luke and Chris would wrap Liam in “protective” layers of clothing and then stalk him around the backyard and shoot him with air rifles. Liam got his own back at Chris though. When he was eight, he threw a knife at Chris’ head. Their fighting was so bad that Chris had to stay with separate relatives while Luke and Liam stayed at their grandparents’ house when their parents went on holidays.

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Keeping it in the family, all three brothers kicked off their careers on Neighbours, but not at the same time. Luke starred in 13 episodes in 2001, Chris was in one episode in 2002, and Liam was in 25 episodes in 2007.

They fought over leading roles (Thor) but always came together on red carpets, continuing their brotherly love for supporting each other. Despite their chiseled jaw lines and height, the boys are different in a number of ways, so here are a few facts about each spunky Hemsworth.

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