Droughtlander Is Over!Here's What Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Have To Say About It!

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I do have a confession to make..I am just a wee bit obsessed with Outlander.

Only a bit – I’ve read the whole book series, have watched Seasons 1 and 2 of the TV series, have the Skye Boat song as my mobile ringtone and may or may not have informed my husband that Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) is my hall pass.. yeah, he’s cool with that. I think!

So, when there’s no Outlander on TV, I go through major withdrawals. This torturous period of time in between seasons being aired on TV actually has a name – it is known as “Droughtlander”.

Luckily for those of us going through this incredibly difficult time (I feel your pain my Outlander buddies, I truly do!), Season 2 has just been released on DVD. That means you can watch both seasons all in one big Outlander-thon, and pause and slow-mo any scenes that you think need to be watched extremely carefully..I think you know the ones I mean *wink wink*.

In a nutshell, Season 2 of Outlander is set first in France, and then back in Scotland – there’s a lot more intrigue and complex storylines than in Season 1, and the costumes are absolutely amazing! And yes, there’s a bit of raunchiness too!

Droughtlander | Stay at Home Mum

If you haven’t been lucky enough to see the second season on pay TV or iTunes, then we’ll give you a quick glimpse into what to expect. We have been given permission to share this interview with the two main stars of Outlander, Catriona Balfe (Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser) and Sam Heughan (James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser….or just Jamie Fraser). Yay! Unfortunately I personally didn’t get to interview them – if I had, you would not have gotten anything coherent from me while interviewing Sam, just lots of umming and ahhing and giggling! Maybe one day….

Anyway, I’ll just mention before you go any further, there may be some spoilery-type things in these interviews….don’t say I didn’t warn you ok?

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