Book Review: Eat Your Way Slim & Healthy by Bridget Davis

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Book Review: Eat Your Way Slim & Healthy by Bridget Davis

Book Review: Eat Your Way Slim & Healthy by Bridget Davis

‘I am reminded daily that health is wealth, so I feel like the richest person on earth. I want to help you feel this good. Say goodbye to brain fog, bloating, mood swings, tiredness and unhealthy weight. Join me on my journey and live your healthiest life, starting today.’ Bridget Davis

Eat Your Way Slim & Healthy | Stay at Home Mum

Bridget’s introduction to this book is an insight into a time in her life when she was extremely unsatisfied with herself. A wife, a mother of three, middle-aged, overweight, exhausted, ashamed of her body and her eating habits; she lays it all out in black and white and I can say as I read her words I could feel the emotion coming through and I could also relate.  As a busy writer and recipe developer and a mother of two and wife I have also sailed down that slippery slide of “I’m just too busy to exercise”, “One more burger or drink won’t hurt”.

It’s a raw look into an emotional state that so many women (and men) fall into.

Eat Your Way Slim & Healthy by Bridget Davis | 9781922351272 ...

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What turned Bridget’s life around was the prospect of television appearance when her first cookbook was published.

Locking herself away in her room gave her the time to research what people in her position had done to turn their lives around.  What she kept coming back to through all of this research was gut health.  After a family member had success with a gut health diet she decided to jump on the bandwagon and give it a go herself but found the food lacking in flavour and fulfilment. So, she took her 30 years’ of cheffing’ experience, and the ingredients that make up a gut health diet, and set out to create a repertoire of recipes that not only create a healthy environment in your gut, but satisfy you tastebuds as well.

In 5 ½ months she had shed nearly 30 kilos, so her husband jumped in head (or gut) first and lost 15 kilos in 30 days.  She didn’t exercise, she slept better, her stomach cramps vanished and she was finally sleeping a through the night without waking.  Her husband even stopped snoring!  She finally felt strong, healthy, confident and instead of hiding away in her room she began enjoying night outs with friends and family.

You can read the rest for yourself, but this truly is a fabulous story and a story I have heard before. Gut health truly is important to your all-over healthy and energy levels.

The recipes in this book just make sense. Even if you don’t want to take a full gut health journey, it’s a good buy. So many of these recipes will become everyday staples, they’re fresh, bright, full of life, flavourful and beautifully photographed and trust me, that does make a difference! When food looks beautiful on the page or on your plate you will want to eat it! The dinner section is chocker-block full of fish if you are a seafood lover!

Buy the book, share in her story, who knows, maybe Bridget is the inspiration you need to change your life if that is something you want to do”¦

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Recipes I Want To Cook from this book:

  • Bridget’s Sticky Sauce pg25
  • Jamaican-spiced Chicken Skewers pg67
  • Chicken Scotch Eggs pg68
  • Healthy Steak and Onions on Mash pg91
  • Chicken Nuggets on Slaw pg136 (the crumb is rice cakes!)
  • Lemon Garlic Chicken pg207
  • Preserved lemons 253

I can’t say the sweets treats are up my alley but I don’t mind the sound of

  • Coconut Chocolate Mousse pg239

Recipes and Images from Eat Yourself Slim & Healthy by Bridget Davis, published by Murdoch Books, RRP $35.00buy now | Stay at Home

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