5 Women In History Who Gave Zero F*cksYep. Zero f*cks.

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These are just some of the women who, historically speaking, didn’t give a single f*ck.

5 Women In History Who Gave Zero F-cks

1. Doctor Elizabeth Blackwell

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Oppression: Rejected by numerous universities when she applied to study medicine; was admitted to Geneva Medical College when voted in “as a joke” by her 150 fellow male students; being female was considered “too sensitive” to attend lectures in reproductive anatomy due to having “delicate sensibilities” by her lecturer.

Demonstrated she gave no f*cks by: Becoming the first female doctor in America; Proved she was hardly “delicately sensitive” in reproductive anatomy by becoming a world-famous obstetrician; aided in establishing the London School of Medicine for Women to assist other women in becoming medical professionals.

2. Annie-Peck Smith


Oppression: Considered too delicate to be a mountaineer; outraged at for not adhering to the feminine dress-code of her time, considered immodest and shameful.

Demonstrated she gave no f*cks by: Donning mountaineering apparel (that’s right ladies, in an era of blossoming dresses she wore pants!); became the first person in history to scale Peru’s Mount Huascaran; remains to this day as the only female to first ascend a major world peak.

3. Sojourner Truth


Oppression: Born into slavery; living in America where English was her second language; faced both racial and gender discrimination in 19th century America;

Demonstrated she gave no f*cks by: Becoming an influential African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist; became the first black woman to win a legal case against a white man; Was famously quoted as saying (when asked if she could read):

“Oh no, honey, I can’t read little things like letters. I read big things like men.”

4. Nellie Bly


Oppression: Father died while she was a child, leaving her family poor and destitute; abused by a violent, drunken step-father; Living in an age of the belief that “women should be silenced”; scrutinised by her colleagues and rivals jealous of her professional style and skill;

Demonstrated she gave no f*cks by: Becoming one of the most daring investigative reporters of all time; feigning insanity to infiltrate an asylum in order to expose them for cruelty; Travelled by ship, train and burro around the world in just 72 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes to “beat Jules Verne’s record, just because…”

5. Nzinga bandMi, the Queen of Ndongo and Matamba


Oppression: Challenged to follow her inadequate father, and then brother (whom murdered her son) in ruling her nation; frequency of slave trade and European influence of her time; under invasion from the Portuguese;

Demonstrated she gave no f*cks by: Demonstrating excellence in navigation, diplomacy, military tactics and treaty negotiation – exceeding even those efforts of her late brother; Went to war against the Portuguese; declared her nation a free country; tactically allied with the Dutch and protected her nation, even while in exile.


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