Going Back To StudyIt's a scary thought — but it really doesn't need to be.

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Ugghh school … what a drag, right?!

I bet you were SO happy when it was all over. No more assignments, no more tests, no more countless hours of study … well, honestly it would have been more like listening to music while your textbooks were open in front of you – close enough though!

Going Back To Study | Stay At Home Mum
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I mean, you’re all grown up now — a proper adult, and you’ve landed yourself an ok-ish sort of job. It’s fine, really. Sure, there are days when you just really think there must be something more out there for me, but hey! This pays the bills. Isn’t that what life is all about?! Making sure the bills are paid, and if you’re lucky enough, having a nice car and a house to call your own.

Life rolls on and that inner voice just keeps getting louder and louder until you simply can’t ignore it anymore. Oh for shits sake!! What do you want me to do??!!

You Know Things Have to Change

Deep down you’re not completely happy or satisfied with your current employment situation. What can you do though? There are still bills to pay, kids to feed and a rising tally of sports, instrument tuition and other fees that are just screaming to be paid.

Just let yourself dream — just for a little while.

If you didn’t have all of those responsibilities, what would you love to do the most if you could name your dream job?
Now tell me, why can’t you start working towards that dream?
What is stopping you?


For a lot of us the thought of going back to study is just downright, bloody scary. I struggled through school; I’m not smart enough to do that, I don’t have the time, I can’t afford it. The same excuses roll around time after time. You know what? The ONLY thing stopping you from working toward your dream is your mind.

With so many options available now for study, there really is no excuse to be just existing. Time to start living!

There are the traditional in-class options available for so many vocations, but in recent years online study has become extremely popular within the mum and dad ranks throughout Australia.

Payment plans are often available so you don’t have to find the cashola upfront, which makes it a little less daunting to hit the go button on your new life. With certain courses you can also apply for Federal Government assistance to ease the financial burden. Learning online allows you to self-pace your studies (within reason) so you can still work your nine to five job and continue paying the bills, but after the kids are down for the night – you can then focus on yourself. That’s right — you time, remember that feeling? Seriously, you deserve it.

There are several things you need to put in place at the beginning of your course that will help lead to the successful completion of it. I’ve just put together a small list to give you an idea:

Get yourself a decent laptop/PC.

You don’t want to be not able to access all of the course material or complete the assessments for submission.

Designate a study corner.

If you have a special room just for study — go you! If not, set yourself up a small desk away from the TV so you won’t get ‘accidently’ distracted

Go crazy with stationary.

Going Back To Study | Stay At Home Mum
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Ok so this is totally not necessary — but come on. Remember the start of the school year when you had all new books and pencils and pens?Best part of the school year, really. If you are feeling like the ‘professional’ student, you’re more likely to act like one. If for nothing else then get it to take Instagram pics of your cute post it notes, funky ass wall calendar and character pens!

Constant stock of chocolate and wine.

You will have times when you are self doubting, stressing out thinking you can’t cope — that’s when chocolate steps up to the plate … ahhhhh the world is good again. Then there are those times when you’ve busted a gut to get your assessment in on time (after knocking back several family sized blocks of chocolate) and you finally get your results in. Woo!! You not only passed, you smashed it out the ball park…hellllooooo wine.

Going Back To Study | Stay At Home Mum
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A little impromptu celebration is ALWAYS in order. Sure you may have just dropped the kids at school – but hell – Carpe Diem, baby! Always believe in yourself (remember how we ALL keep telling our kids to do this very thing) you have what it takes. Every journey begins with one step. Take it.


So, what are your thoughts on going back to study?

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