eharmony Review: Long Signup Leads to Dating Success

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eharmony Review: Long Signup Leads to Dating Success

eharmony Review: let’s take a look into Australia’s largest online dating site. 

Have you been searching for a partner in life?  Has dating in real life (IRL) given you duds, really bad dates that make you wonder why you are bothering at all? Well unfortunately online dating has its fair share of success and failure stories, but not all is lost because it could actually be the actual dating site you are using.

If you are over not finding anyone that shares your ideas, aspirations, and what you want out of life then maybe eharmony is for you. But before you make the jump let us review eharmony and give you the summary, saving you time too.

“Every 14 minutes, someone finds love on eharmony”

eharmony review

eharmony Review: let’s narrow it down

Making sure you are not wasting your time on someone that is not going to be the one is essential.  Don’t want to waste your fun years on someone that doesn’t appreciate you. Fancy dating someone for years to discover they really don’t want kids or to travel. This can be devastating and one that can be avoided by signing up for a dating app like eharmony. They ask a ton of questions to get the match right, unfortunately, the downside is a very long sign up process.

However, while long, it means the matches are better and the likelihood of finding a good relationship is a lot higher. 100 matches on other dating sites are not only bothersome, it’s a timely process to get down to a selection of matches that match what you want in a relationship, eharmony cuts that down means less wasted time.

Dating, in general, can get tricky and with everyone being super busy it makes sense to cut out all the bullshit and narrow down your search with online dating.

Working hours have increased, and many of the people you meet in clubs are sleazy and really only after one thing, a one night stand or a relationship with benefits but it never goes beyond a casual affair. I know that some people who never progress to a serious relationship and just like things to remain casual, this works for some but for the majority this is a deal-breaker.

eharmony review

Many have a stigma about online dating, people view it as shameful and embarrassing. Some feel that only losers use dating apps, but this is not the case at all.

Dating apps are considered the way to meet people in the 21st Century and I for one feel that making sure that any potential matches will align with my wants and likes makes dating easier, and with a possible huge reward of finding the one.

According to Relationships Australia “over the past two decades, there has been an increasing trend towards people using the internet and dating applications to meet new partners.”

“eHarmony claims they are responsible for 11,000 Australian marriages since 2007” Relationships Australia

eharmony Review: Post 2019 Upgrade

eharmony has recently had an upgrade to make it even better to find your perfect match. On the 4th of November 2019, the website and the app got a major overhaul. Maybe old users of eharmony should jump back in and give it another go.

So what has changed since our last eharmony review and what has remained the same?

Basically, the core of the site and app has remained the same.

eharmony Changes are:

    • People of the same gender can now find a match, previously (see our last eharmony review) members would be directed to eharmony’s sister site Compatible Partners, now all accounts from Compatible Partners are directed to eharmony.
    • The Relationship Questionnaire is now called the Compatibility Quiz it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to fill out this quiz and has 5 chapters rather than the previous 6 on the relationship quiz.
    • After filling out the Compatibility Quiz you receive a Total Match Score before there was no total score for each member just a percentage for each possible member match.
    • Total Match Score is based on the 32 dimensions of compatibility, it was previously 29. Eharmony uses dimensions to help match you to your special someone.

      Yes, I know a “dimension score” sounds a bit out there but making sure that you and another member is fully aligned with similar or the same dimension scores ensure a pretty high chance of a perfect match! It’s a welcome addition since the last eharmony review. 

eharmony review

“eharmony has over 20 years’ experience researching the science of lasting love and our Compatibility Matching System is the result of numerous studies of happy couples worldwide and how they relate to each other.”

  • The old eHarmony had 3 types of matching members, Compatible Matches, Standards Matches, and Flex Matches. In the new eHarmony there is only one type of match and that is called Compatible Matches. If you change your preferences this changes your match preferences and therefore changes who you get matched with. If you would like to tweak anything then you can and always change the outcome of any future online dates.
  • From our last eharmony review the website is less cluttered, items are more easily found and it looks more modern.
  • eharmony has put in place more protection for its members against scammers, which was another gripe in our last eharmony review. Members now have an SMS verification service for the website
  • eharmony prices have changed and some prices are now cheaper with the new eHarmony Of course, you can sign up for a free eharmony membership but for more features, you can choose other plans.

eharmony Review: Pricing

eharmony Free Plan:

Users receive a personal profile, are able to view daily matches, and can have limited interaction with their matches. You’re able to send members: smiles or a limited number of set questions. Plus see some information on potential matches but not photos. More information about Free Plan

eharmony Paid Plans Price:

    • 6 months for $49.90 per month,
    • $39.90 per month for a 12-month plan or
    • $29.90 per month for a 24-month plan.
    • A welcome offer is available which entitles users to a 50% discount on subscriptions for the first 3 months.

      Why sign up for an eharmony paid plan?

      While a free account is a way to go to try out what eharmony offers, a paid plan allows you to see who has viewed your profile, see unlimited photos and send unlimited messages, as well as filtering your matches by distance and interest.

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eharmony Review: let’s Sign up

Step 1: Sign up to eharmony

Signing up is free. You can either access eharmony via the homepage or on the eharmony app, the website experience we found for signing up was a lot better because of the long sign up process. Doing it on a desktop is much better.

eharmony review

Step 2: Create your eharmony Profile

Once you sign up you need to create your profile and make sure, to be honest.

If you are not honest here, you’re only lying to yourself…yes I know corny but true. Making sure that you list what you want will make sure that you get the partner that suits you.

Setting up your profile takes around 20-30 minutes and the form has 70 questions. So grab a coffee or a wine before you start. I know this sounds like a lot but this is the part where the eharmony algorithm needs to understand you, your likes, your dislikes, and what you want in life. It’s a bit boring at times but stick with it.

What type of questions will you be asked? Well, they are pretty standard and have a sliding scale so you can choose the answer that suits you the best.

Step 3: Fill out your compatibility profile

Just signing up and saying you want to find a man or a woman for a relationship is not the end of your profile. eHarmony needs more info to work their magic and find your dream person.

The unique compatibility Matching System measures all your wants and desires at a deep level…yes deep!   You will be asked a series of questions about who you are, your background, and how you see the world.

The eharmony questionnaire has been designed by relationship experts and psychologists and uses the 20 years of research that eharmony has refined to give you a perfect match or at the very least close to it.

Remember the matches don’t work unless you give it the right information for what you are looking for. If you give crap answers you will get horrible matches and it will be wasting your time.

eharmony wants to find you a partner that is interested in a long term relationship, now the 32 dimensions of compatibility come into play and this is where the magic happens to find you a new life partner.

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Step 4: Finding A Match

Don’t worry if it takes a while to find the right person. It is not meant to be a quick exercise..although wouldn’t it be nice to suddenly meet the one.  With all the data and the matches, you can now narrow down the right person and take your time.

Remember this is to find the one so you don’t need to race off to be with the next match, well that is unless they are Ryan Reynolds look alike.

Or if Reynolds doesn’t float your boat how about Chris Hemsworth or Jason Momoa. You have a pass if any of the matches look like these famous actors – NO JUDGEMENT WHATSOEVER…JUST HAVE FUN!

eharmony review

Each day you will get presented with new matches.

You will not get any random messages and all the matches have strong potential to work out, this is the plus of doing all that hard work with the quiz and sign up questions.

Did you know that you don’t have to match with someone to message them? This is a great eharmony feature and one that means that you can get messages from anyone that you think might make the perfect person.

If you have signed up for a eharmony paid plan the longer your plan the cheaper it gets for you and of course, trying the free version allows you to test the waters and know if this dating site can actually deliver the goods and then you can be reassured you would like to move forward.

eharmony review: New Video Dating from eharmony due to Co-vid

As we are all at home due to COVID-19 many of us are using the internet to date and that means video dating is a good idea for now. Restrictions are easing and things will get back to normal soon. However, video dating might be a good way to know if the person is really for you..and then you can finally meet them IRL.

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eharmony Review: The Negatives

Some might say there are downsides:

  • You cannot search for your own matches – the system organises it all for you.
  • It can take a while to find a match on eharmony. We mentioned in the last eharmony review as well, it will still take time.
  • If you are in a rush and not interested in filling out forms
  • The eharmony signup process is long and many people aren’t entirely sure of their answers.
  • Being honest with your future matches – yes silly but some people might not take things seriously and therefore eharmony will not be a good fit for you.

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From what we have seen eharmony is a good way to meet a person who is serious about a relationship and many say that this dating site is for people who want to marry the next person their next date.

So if you are looking at getting married and want kids then eharmony dating website is for you. We hope you enjoyed this eharmony review.

But before you go, we recommend that you read the following online dating safely articles:

Have you used eharmony and has it worked for you? Let us know about your experience. We hoped you enjoyed our eharmony review. 

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