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Famous Faces Of Today’s Transgendered People | Stay at Home Mum

Famous Faces Of Transgendered and Non-Binary People

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Famous Faces Of Transgendered and Non-Binary People

Famous Faces of Transgendered and Non-Binary People

Transgendered people or Non-Binary were once something of a taboo topic in media and popular culture. They existed in smoky clubs performing in drag, or hid in broad daylight and waited for the judgement of strangers who didn’t understand them. Thankfully, times have changed.

Now, both trans-people and non-binary are coming out of the closet, and some are stepping straight into the spotlight, many with starring roles on our television screens. Let’s have a look at some of the famous faces that are making different normal.

Use of Correct Pro-Nouns for Trans and Non-Binary

Before I go through the list – remember that there is a list of preferred pronouns for Trans and Non-Binary people.  The use of he or she, him or her isn’t ‘wrong’ as such, but it does get in the way of that person’s own self-expression.

The most common pro-nouns to use is ‘They, them or their’ But there are loads of different pronouns out there so remember, if addressing a trans person, ask them their preferred pro-noun to ensure you get it right! Of course, it is normal to slip up if you do use the wrong pro-noun, if you realise your mistake, just keep going and ensure you use the correct pronoun for the rest of the conversation. With practice, it will become second-nature.

Examples of pro-nouns people can choose to use include:

  • They, Them, Their, Theirs, Themself
  • Ze, Hir, Hir, Hirs, Hirself
  • Per, Pers, Perself
  • Ve, Ver, Vis, Verself
  • Xe, Xem, Xyr, Xyrs, Xemself

Caitlyn Jenner

Not surprisingly, with their public transition, Caitlyn Jenner is the name on everyone’s lips, regardless of their gender status. Jenner transitioned from male to female and was already a household name in their old life after winning a gold medal in the 1976 Summer Olympics, as well as through their involvement within the Kardashian family.

Jenner leapt into the spotlight with a stunning cover story on Vanity Fair, and has since been on the receiving end of a whole lot of internet love. But, Caitlyn Jenner appears to be taking it all in their stride, happy with the notion that they have become the person they always knew they were and is no longer living a constant lie.

Caitlyn Jenner Famous Faces of Transgendered People | Stay At Home Mum

Skylar Kergil

Skylar Kergil has been a well-known name on YouTube since 2009 when they began to document their transition from female to male through hormone therapy. Since then, their channel has made them a celebrity both on and offline, and they continue to be a speaker for trans rights and acceptance.

Skylar began their transition as young as three when they decided he would only answer to the name Mike, and regularly cut their hair and styled himself as a boy. He describes himself as having an androgynous childhood, and in 2006 during his sophomore year of high school, he met his first transgendered person and things finally started making sense. Skylar has been on testosterone for more than five years now and tells their story in-depth here.

Famous Faces of Transgendered People | Stay At Home Mum

Laverne Cox

How can you not love Laverne Cox? She is the sassy, outspoken actor and trans-folk activist who has hit the big time in recent years with her role on Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. She was the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, and appeared on the cover of Time magazine in June of 2014, also a world first.

Laverne is known for her unapologetic style and her dedication to the subject of supporting trans-folk from all backgrounds. She is heavily involved in the media in a number of forms and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Famous Faces of Transgendered People | Stay At Home Mum

Jazz Jennings

In many ways, Jazz Jennings brought the issue of transgendered children home for parents all over the world. Born in the body of a boy, Jazz began her transition from a very young age and was clear about her gender from the moment she could speak. Although it was a challenge, her parents fully accepted her identity and did everything they could to ease her transition into her new life.

Jazz has been in and out of the spotlight over the years, appearing in several documentaries and interviews about transgendered children. She continues to advocate for the rights of transgendered kids, and education surrounding the issue. Last year, Jazz was named by Time magazine as one of the ‘The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014’.

Famous Faces of Transgendered People | Stay At Home Mum

Thomas Beatie

A few years ago, Thomas Beatie was one of the big names around trans-folk. Why? Well, although Thomas transitioned from female to male, he decided not to have surgery on his female reproductive organs. This meant that in 2008 when he found out that his wife was infertile, he was artificially inseminated, and went on to bear their three children.

What Beatie did, along with many other firsts, was challenge the concept of concrete gender definitions and roles. His story was widely applauded and criticised, but it hasn’t stopped him from being yet another advocate and speaker for trans-people. He continues to raise awareness and educate.


Famous Faces of Transgendered People | Stay At Home Mum

Conchita Wurst

Isaiah Stannard

Asia Kate Dillon

Asia Kate Dillon got their start on Orange as the New Black.  Not ‘Transgender’ as such, Asia Kate is Non-Binary.  That is – does not identify as male or female.  Asia’s current starring role on Billions kicks ass and I must admit has been an excellent example of learning the correct pro-nouns for both trans and non-binary people.


Chaz Bono

Chelsea Manning


Alexandra Billings

Balian Buschbaum

Carmen Carrera

So, you’ve seen the people, you’ve heard their stories, and you’ll probably keep on hearing them. Transgendered people are a welcome, and necessary, part of our fluid and changing concept of gender, and we’re happy to have them.

Of course, not all transgendered people will have (nor have they had) the same ease of transition as the people we’ve highlighted. The path for transgendered people of all ages, and particularly transgendered youth, is a hard one. There are many people who welcome and accept them, and others who hurt them with a lack of understanding and education about the issues surrounding trans-people.

But, transgendered people in the spotlight, along with an army of trans-advocates the world over, are beginning to shift that. They’re showing themselves for the wonderful people they are, gender-be-damned, and we hope they keep on with it.

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