15 Famous People Who Have A TwinBeing womb mates with a future celebrity.

10. Jon and Dan Hedder

Yes you are seeing double here.  Jon Hedder, famous for his role as Napoleon Dynamite has an identical twin brother Dan.  When speaking on The Late Show with David Letterman back in 2009, Jon liked to joke that the two used to pretend to be the other at school, causing much trouble.  The two are now partners in a Production Company.


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11. Benji and Joel Madden

Benji and Joel Madden – there’s a set of twins most of us are familiar with. These talented musical identical twins have made themselves a household name over the years through their bands such as Good Charlotte and more recently, the simply named collaboration – The Madden Brothers. You can now find these tattooed lads as mentors/ judges on the popular television talent show ‘The Voice’.

via usmagazine.com
via usmagazine.com

12. John and Edward Grims AKA Jedward

Remember Jedward, also known as John and Edward Grims.  The identical twins are an Irish singing and television presenters.  The super annoying identical twins with the insane hair that ‘shot to fame’ if you could call it that as contestants on The X Factor in 2009.  Haven’t seem them in awhile now, let’s hope it stays that way….

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