15 Famous People Who Have A TwinBeing womb mates with a future celebrity.

14. Samantha and Charlotte Ronson

Aside from being Mark Ronson’s siblings, Samantha and Charlotte have had their fair share of the spot light. Samantha is a DJ and a singer songwriter, while Charlotte is a fashion designer. Also, if you have been in the grapevine, Samantha used to be beau’s with Lindsay Lohan.

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15. Gisele and Patricia Bundchen

Is it even fair that Gisele Bundchen is so naturally radiant and beautiful? No – it’s not really is it?! Well guess what – Gisele has a twin! Her equally stunning fraternal twin – Patricia, took on a modelling course with Gisele when they were younger, but it was Gisele who would remain in the industry. Patricia is now Gisele’s spokeswoman and manager. Keeping it in the family like a boss.

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via usmagazine.com

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