Farmer Profile: Grant Maudsley

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Farmer Profile:  Grant Maudsley

Find out more about AgForce Queensland’s President, Grant Maudsley.

Full Name:   Grant Maudsley

Where is your farm: 

Mitchell, Southwest Queensland. Midway between Roma and Charleville, gateway to the southwest

What do you farm and why? 

Beef cattle, cereals and various crops depending on seasons and market prices.

How long have you been farming for?

Since graduating from university with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 1991.

What aspect of farming are you most passionate about?

Improving the landscape by trying to make it more resistant to drought.

Seeing the seeds of your work grow.Grand Maudsley

Producing quality produce that is valued by consumers but not taken for granted. When you break farming down it is actually a very simple game, we grow grass or crops and if you’ve got livestock you grow livestock. It has to rain, but there are a lot of externalities that we have less control over.

Do you hope your children will take over one day? 

I hope so, I have two teenage children and the opportunity is there for them if they want to, but if not as long as they are happy.

What advances in farming have you seen in the last 10 years? 

Technology, including auto-steer tractors and other machinery. Remote sensing water monitoring technology, I can now start my water system, monitor the tank levels, and water flows and monitoring problems through my smart phone.

Share a humorous story of something that has happened on the farm?

Like when the snake got into the shower and my wife Jane was the only one home. So she had to get the neighbours, who live 15km away over to remove it for her.

Or being chased up a yard rail by a straggler bull.  Slipping ass-over-head in the middle of a drought trying to repair a water leak, getting covered in mud whilst the cows look on and wonder what the fuss is about, funny maybe not but on reflection part of the fun of farming.

Animal/crop you are most proud of? 

Hand raised poddy (orphan) calves that the kids nurture and which grow into breeder cows. The animal that eats best is always a good one. Also the area that my property is in is not traditional cropping land, so I am excited to be able to make it work.

How do you hope the general public see you?

As a proud and passionate custodian of our land, resilient with a long-term view in every aspect of the business. Also as proud of our achievements but always willing to learn better ways to look after the land for future generations.

Thanks Grant!

Stay tuned next week – we will be interviewing another wonderful farmer!

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