20 Foods That Keep You Feeling Fuller for Longer

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20 Foods That Keep You Feeling Fuller for Longer

9. Mint

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Mint leaves are often used as a calming treatment, with the smell of the leaves in particular being a noted relaxant. However, the smell is also thought to be an appetite suppressant. So next time you’re feeling hungry before you should, chew on some mint gum, light up a mint candle, sip on some mint tea, or even apply something minty (like hand lotion) to ward the hunger away.

10. Leafy Green

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One of the reasons that leafy greens are so great if you’re watching your weight is that they’re full of fibre. This means that your body takes time to break them down, and that means you don’t get so hungry. However, leaves also have a high water content, which fills the stomach.

11. Vinegar

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Vinegar is one of the big boys on the block now when it comes to appetite suppressing, with some studies showing that it can slow the emptying of the stomach, thereby making you feel fuller. Vinegar can also lower the glycemic index of foods like pasta when it’s added to a meal.

12. Porridge

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Porridge (or oatmeal) might be seen by many as a simple food, but it’s positive effects are clear. A half cup of rolled oats has five grams of fibre, making it a long term energy choice. Also, porridge is thought to increase an appetite regulating hormone called cholecystokinin, which helps some people to control their hunger.

13. Beansbigstock-Healthy-Baked-Beans-438120

Considering how low they are in calories, beans really do have a lot of fibre and protein. This makes them a smart choice if you want to stay full for longer. You can add beans into many of your meals as well, like salads, burgers and even smoothies.

14. Apples

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Not only do apples contain lots of fibre, they have a very high water content. Both of these together help to keep your stomach full as they day goes on. Apples also contain something called pectin, which can help in stopping hunger by preventing blood sugar spikes.

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