10 Simple And Frugal Shoe Hacks

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10 Simple And Frugal Shoe Hacks

Shoes, glorious shoes! We love them even though they’re a bane on our budget, and often on our feet.

It’s no surprise then that, because we do love them so, we want to get the most out of them without spending too much more than what we’ve already parted with for the shoe. If you agree, check out these super helpful, and super frugal, shoe hacks!

1. Make New Shoes Fit With Hair Dryer

You’ve just spent big on a new pair of leather shoes, only to find that they aren’t as great a fit as you thought (if this happens a lot to you, consider shoe shopping at night when your feet are largest). Don’t stress, just get a pair of woolen socks (or several pairs of normal socks) and a hairdryer to remedy the situation. Whack on the socks along with the shoes, then direct your hair dryer at them for several minutes. It’s uncomfortable, but if you keep the socks on until the shoes are warm, you’ll find they’ve stretched out enough to be comfortable.


2. Or In The Freezer

Another, more time-flexible way to increase the size of your shoes is by using the freezer. This works particularly well if you have a pair of shoes that aren’t quite wide enough for your feet. Simply put some water into two zip-lock bags and pop the bags into the shoe. Pop the shoe into the freezer, and let nature do the work for you. When the water in the bags freezes, and becomes ice, it will expand, pushing out the sides of the shoe and making them much more comfortable.Hacks For Improving Your Shoes

3. Make Shoes White With Toothpaste

If your sneakers are looking particularly worse for wear around the white rubber sections, generally on the sole of the shoe, they don’t need to be thrown away. They also don’t need to be scrubbed until you hate them. Instead just get some regular toothpaste (not the gel kind) and an old toothbrush. Apply the toothpaste to any spots where there are scuffs or marks, and gently rub it in with the toothbrush. Leave it for a few minutes, and then wipe off with a damn washcloth. Repeat if necessary.

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