Frugal Living

What image do you conjure up when you hear the words ‘Frugal Living‘….. I must admit at first I imagined a hairy under-armed hippy living in a shipping container in the bush (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)…. it never really occurred to me that frugal living can mean that – but it can be applied to the people like you and I (no offence to hairy under-armed hippies living in shipping containers!).

Now that I am older and wiser, I know that frugal living means to live within my means, and not to waste what I have.  The best thing is that everyone can apply it to every aspect of your life. It’s about being smart with your money – after all – it’s very hard work to earn it – let’s not waste it!

Here are our top Frugal Living hints:

1.  Cook from Scratch

Sounds hard, it’s not – it’s fun and challenging.  Keep a well stocked pantry so you always have a meal on hand.  Take-out is expensive and fat and sugar laden.  Know what you eat, and enjoy the joy of cooking!

2.  Be Organised!

Keep your filing in order, keep all your receipts, keep a calendar and know how much money is in your bank account!  Organisation will save you thousands – and all it costs you is a bit of time.  Write on your calendar when bills are due so you don’t incur late fees.  Write down birthdays and shop all year so you don’t go out and buy something super expensive and unappreciated because you weren’t ORGANISED!!!.   Plus it’s a lot less stressful way to live!

3.  Re Use, Re Cycle and Re Gift!

Before you throw it out – can you use it again?  Apply this mantra to everything before you place it in the bin.  Food scraps can be used for compost or fed to the chooks.  Bottles and cans can be recycled.  Can you donate that shirt you don’t wear anymore instead of throwing it in the bin?  If you receive gifts you know you won’t use again – is there any point in letting them gather dust in your cupboard?  Give them to someone that WILL appreciate them, or donate to charity.

4.  Only Buy What You Need!

Are you the sort of person that spends $300 + a week on groceries?  Then it’s time to examine what your buying and finding out where you can cut that cost.  Pre-packaged or convenience foods cost at least twice as much as home made, and are never as tasty.  Cook in bulk and user freezer cooking where you can – it saves you time and money.

5.  Don’t Keep Up with the Jones’

Personally I think being a Jones would be rather boring…..  why join them when you can be different, savvy and financially burden free.  The green-eyed monster has no place in a frugal living life – think of how stress free your life will be!

Life is so busy now – lets slow things down and enjoy life to the full!


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