Fun Ways To Spend A Change Jar

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Fun Ways To Spend A Change Jar

Do you have a change jar at your house or are you one of those super organised money people who use all their change when shopping? In my house we are a combo of both. My husband almost refuses to pay with change and hence comes home with a jangling pocket in the evening. I myself have very little choice with two kids hanging about my handbag, the change gets spent but I have commenced a laundry change jar of late to capture the money that goes through the washing.

I figure I may as well put it to good use. After all – finders are keepers. Now that I have commandeered our family’s lost coin collection, here are a few things I am thinking about cashing the change in for – depending on how much is in all the jars combined I probably should put it towards new kids shoes or groceries or something just as boring but this stuff is much more fun;

  • A Facial
  • New shoes
  • Girls day out
  • Full body massage
  • Night out with hubby
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • A new dress or two
  • Girls weekend away
  • Night away by myself at fancy hotel enjoying the peace
  • Take the kids out to a theme park
  • Movie marathon with the family
  • Day at the beach including a yummy seafood lunch
  • Send other half just because I love you flowers
  • New lingerie
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Wine tour
  • Hire a sports car for the day and tour somewhere with awesome cornering
  • Get a cleaner in for a couple of weeks to sort out the house
  • Update the old and really out of date make up in the bathroom
  • Get a palm reading
  • Have a death by chocolate dining experience
  • Buy and enjoy a very good bottle of wine
  • Go skiing for the weekend
  • Enjoy a child free visit to a homewares shop and take your time choosing a couple of things
  • New bed linen. Something a little bit sexy
  • Hang gliding
  • Climb the harbour bridge
  • Sky diving
  • Jewellery nothing like some new bling
  • That handbag – you know the one
  • A few personal training session
  • A long and relaxing hair treatment
  • Long lunch with a couple of cheeky wines
  • Holidays- add up the jars and see how far you can go
  • Instantaneous splurge on whatever you see first at your favourite shop
  • Even spilt for each of the family members to all have their own fun
  • Anniversary celebration- really celebrate
  • Special interest class like language, baking, macrame
  • Trail riding with horse or motorbike
  • Complete make over hair, face,new clothes – the whole shebang
  • Get a handy man in to do everything your hubby has been putting off

If you can’t find anything to do with your change jar then you can always just put it on your bed roll around in it and pour it back in the jar to accumulate for an even bigger idea.

What is your favourite way to spend the change jar?

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Elizabeth is the mum of two energetic kids who uses baking as a relaxation technique. She hates cleaning but loves a clean house.

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