How Frugal Can You Be? Our Askers Share Their Tips!

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How Frugal Can You Be? Our Askers Share Their Tips!

Being a mum is indeed the most challenging job in the world — for starters, imagine having to budget everything in the world?!

Well, here at SAHM, we love budgeting. It gives us a sense of satisfaction knowing we have saved tonnes in what our families need.

We know you will too once you get the hang of budgeting — and it’s super addicting!

One of our Askers asked some of our followers through Ask SAHM what their frugal tips are, giving some of hers along the way.

She said that she saved ‘a buck’ doing all these stuff.

“I do online groc shopping and 80% of my trolley is from thats week catalogue. I look for deals or coupons to take kids out to entertain them and when we go somewhere, in fact if i have to pay full price we prob wont go. I pack food and water from home. Even if im out running errands, food is brought from home…saves a buck and kids know not to ask for junk or food when out.”

So, let’s find out what others’ tips are and let’s see what’s yours!

1. “Making a list and checking it twice.”

“I buy / stock up my groceries according to whats on special, and I know the patterns now. And I use all the major supermarkets. But I also use a list, to avoid buying too much.”

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2. Bulk cooking/buying is always the way to go

“I cook casseroles in bulk, and freeze them in meal size portions, with meat and all root vegetables like sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, and also cauliflower etc. So then I only have to cook up green vegetables on the night.”

Another commenter added:

“I buy a whole cow, and get it cut up and packed to what we need, and labeled. and bulk buy stuff on special, whether we need it or not. So I shop from my pantry at home first. buy stuff on special always, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, washing powders, everything you can buy bulk we do.”

3. Grow vegetables when you can.

“I grow the veges I use regularly and can grow successfully, like English spinach, silverbeet, and chives. Chives in punnets from Bunnings were cheaper than 1 pack of “ready to eat” ones from the supermarket, and have given me 6 crops, direct from the growing punnet. I buy what I am not good at growing.”

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4. Op shops for your clothes? Why not?

“I buy most of my clothes from op shops, (but you need to know your quality and price), but I also buy top line “going out” and work clothes, because the quality is better and they look better for longer. I have one high quality black handbag. And 4 pairs of black shoes & sandals. I dress primarily in black, with high quality, well cut coloured jackets to contrast. It also makes getting dressed in the morning, as its one less decision to worry about.”

5. Making the old look new…

“I also buy furniture from the tip shop and repaint it, and from second hand stalls at markets; mostly for my own use, but occasionally I sell what I don’t need.”

6. Saving on electricity the natural way is the best way.

“I bought an old house that was built to getea breezes, with ceiling fans, specifically so I do not need air conditioning in summer. The pure wool op shop woollies, and ugg boots help with the cold in winter.”

7. Can’t afford to go the gym? Exercise at home!

“I bought an old weights bench, and weights, so I could avoid gym fees, and use the “Body for Life” program, direct from the book. And I walk around the local streets.”

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8. Have an emergency fund.

“I consistently put every cent I can into paying off my mortgage, and have the excess I am paying off in an account that I can draw down in an emergency.”

9. Making items from scratch…

“I make my own laundry liquid. I dry the end bits of bread out for bread crumbs.”

10. No-spend weekends.

“We have ‘No Spend’ weekends…”

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11. Recycle your kids’ toys.

“When i think we need something so for example, i think to myself, i need a new soaking bucket (for laundry)…i walk around the house and see if i can find a suitable one first…BINGO walked into the kids room, there’s a toy bucket not being used, cleaned it out and now its my new soaking bucket. I look for things that can be used for my purpose-free is best and recycled even better. I am a big recycler and always look to see if i can repurpose things…”

12. A “surprise” birthday present…

“I did a clean out of the many rooms over the school holidays. I found things with tags still on them, bags, clothes etc…..I iron the clothes, i tidy the bag up a bit and presto its a birthday present for someone….and i decluttered and i saved money for a birthday present.”

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13. …or from garage sales…

“That gifts for family and friends (not my kids) would be from garage sales and gumtree or BSS places. I upcycle and create new from old alot, it has become a bit of a hobby of mine… So my frugal tip is: watch over gumtree and BSS and garage sales and see what bargain you can pick up.”

14. Buying Christmas items after Christmas.

“I buy xmas cards and wrapping paper after xmas and save for the following year.”

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15. Buying in season.

“I only buy fruit and veg in season or frozen.”

And an additional tip from this commenter…

“I follow lots of frugal living blogs too.”

See how saving just makes everyone happy? Whether you’ve got the money to buy what you need or is damn broke to even buy a thing, being frugal in everything will save the day.

By the way, we just love this piece of advice that one Asker shared with us…

“I am very careful with what I spend. I really think about if something is a want or a need. That is so very hard, but it seems to make a big difference.”

What frugal tips can you share with us?

How Frugal Can You Be | Stay at Home

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