20 Commonly Bought Products You Can Make at HomeYou can definitely DIY!

Products You Can Make At Home | Stay At Home Mum

16. Mayonnaise

One of the easiest things to make in the kitchen is mayonnaise. You can do different kinds depending on what you have available in the kitchen. No egg? No problem. We have a mayonnaise recipe that doesn’t use eggs. Whip it up now!

17. Nutella

Can one actually make her own nutella? But of course! Most homemade nutella recipes prove to be better tasting than the most popular one available in the market. It’s so easy to do and only needs a few ingredients.

18. Shampoo

With all the brands and kinds of shampoos, why would you even bother to make your own? Well, for one, it will keep you and your family away from chemicals. Two, you’ll be helping the environment, plus you will be saving tons of money. If shampoos can be made from home, why are we still buying? Because we like the easy way sometimes. But DIY shampoo is fairly easy to make, too!

19. Dish Soap

So you’ve seen a lot of homemade dishwashing liquids, tried some of them and you found out that most of them didn’t deliver the results you wanted. You don’t want to keep on searching for good-smelling, grease-cutting dishwashing soap lest you’d be disappointed again. We have recipes that will keep you hands happy and the grease completely washed away. All you need to do is to check you kitchen for the needed ingredients.


The studies on the negative effect of toothpaste on health are growing in number. We’re used to just grabbing a tube of toothpaste for brushing (how convenient is that!), but we want safer alternatives. Can toothpaste be made out of ingredients from the kitchen? Definitely so! If you have baking soda, sea salt, peppermint essential oil and water, which I bet you have, then you’re more than ready to make your own toothpaste.

We’d love to know the products you can make at home. What do you usually make?

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